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Data leak: Suspect should have acted out of anger about politicians

The suspect in the case of Datenklaus is according to Federal Criminal Police Office a single perpetrator. The investigations so far had given no indication of the involvement of further alleged perpetrators, said prosecutor Georg Ungefuk, the spokesman for the central office
Cybercrime Control (CIT) of the Prosecutor General's Office
Frankfurt am Main. The student had taught himself the necessary knowledge to spy on his victims on the Internet.

As motive the 20-year-old indicated, out of annoyance over public statements of the
affected politicians, journalists and public figures. He was arrested on Sunday in Central Hesse. In interrogations, he had the "charges against him comprehensively granted," said the BKA. In addition, he had "provided information on their own offenses in addition to education."

The student, who still lives with his parents, was released on Monday for lack of grounds for detention. The evidence seized during searches such as computers and data carriers would now be comprehensively evaluated. A computer that the suspect has cleared has been found.

Suspect exploited security holes

The young man is through "sophisticated approach"
managed to spy out the data, said Ungefuk. It does not just have one,
but several Ausspähaktionen given, especially in 2018. In addition
he collected data from publicly available sources. According to the investigators, the young man used several vulnerabilities that have since been partially closed.

About the now suspended Twitter account @ _0rbit the defendant in December numerous personal data of politicians and celebrities have published as a kind of advent calendar. Around 1,000 politicians, celebrities and journalists are affected by the online attack, according to the Federal Interior Ministry. About 50 cases were more serious because larger data packages such as private data, photos and correspondence were published, it said by the Ministry. (Read here what we know about the data leak and the originator.)

Editor's note: In reporting on the leakage of private data of politicians and celebrities, ZEIT ONLINE usually does not mention names of those affected and does not forward any leaked information through publication. According to the current state of knowledge, the data are of a private nature and there is no public interest in them.


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