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Daphne Caruana Galizia: Murdered

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The fight for Malta is conducted in the center of the old town of Valetta.
      Opposite the courthouse, at the foot of a monument.
            In the early morning of last September night, a car with two men rolls through the
      Darkness of the city. In front of the monument commemorating the siege of Malta by the Ottomans
      remember, they stop the car, which carries a letter of the Ministry of Justice. So
      it documents a video. The men get out, take the steps to the monument and remove
      a candle and a photo. The photo shows a woman: the Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana
      Galizia. The candle burned for her.
            One year ago, on October 16, 2017, Caruana Galizia was killed. The journalist was the
      most prominent critic of the Maltese government, then she was hit by a car bomb
      killed only a few hundred meters from her house. To date, the murder is on
      you do not enlighten
, Three suspects are being tried, they are on the island
      known criminals, but they are silent. Many people in Malta suspect that
      Backers of the monstrous act sit in government.
        Last spring, 45 reporters from 15 countries, among them reporters from 15 countries, unveiled
        new details about the Maltese elite as part of the Daphne project. you
      had taken up the searches of the killed colleague and continued. The
      Publications shook Malta a second time. The reports were of the
      Corruption suspicion against the government, of offshore companies of the chief of staff Keith Schembri and
      of the Minister Konrad Mizzi. They were about an Iranian banker who banked in Malta
      was allowed to open and eventually in the US by the FBI on suspicion of money laundering
      was arrested. They dealt with accounts of the ruling clique from Azerbaijan, the
      Malta uses as a gateway for their deals in the European Union. They acted from the
      EU passport business and Socialist Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, who does all of that
      had allowed and accepted Malta as a haven for criminals from all over
      World became.

Two murders – in Slovakia and Bulgaria

Ján Kuciak
                                                                    In February, the journalist was shot dead in Slovakia by a contract killer. Kuciak had researched corruption and mafia connections to the government. A few days ago, investigators arrested several suspects; a Slovak entrepreneur is under suspicion as a backer. His translator is said to have ordered the murder. For 70,000 euros.
                                                                    Viktoria Marinova
                                                                    Last weekend, the TV journalist was raped in Bulgaria and subsequently killed. She had reported in her broadcast of a million euro fraud with EU funds; On Tuesday, the Bulgarian police arrested a suspect.
But despite the revelations, little has changed in the situation: Muscat is still
      Prime Minister, Mizzi and Schembri remained in office as Minister and Chief of Staff. Just like one
      Another man Daphne Caruana Galizia had reported before her death:
      Economics Minister and lawyer Chris Cardona.
            Caruana Galizia had written about Cardona saying he was in for a state visit
      Germany visited a brothel. Then the minister had the journalist because of
      Slander sued. Research by the Daphne project revealed in the spring that Cardona itself
      with one of the journalist's alleged killers, a man named Alfred Degiorgio, in short
      met in a bar before the act and entertained extensively. Cardona left then
      explain that he does not remember such a meeting. But recent research leaves this
      Statement seems doubtful. New evidence suggests that the minister and the
      alleged murderers met more than once: in June 2017, they apparently took
      together at a pool party on the occasion of a bachelor party, so have it
      in any case, several witnesses to the competent investigating judge testified. And it
      could have another, at least indirect, connection to the alleged murderer, such as
      show previously unpublished evaluations of phone data.

This article is from TIME no. 42/2018. Here you can read the entire issue.

So, about a year before her death, she called a man from the Maltese underworld.
      She researched at this time apparently to oil smuggling and other shops of the
      Mafia. The man is said to have belonged to the environment of the smugglers. The call lasted six minutes
      and 51 seconds. What the two discussed is not known. But immediately after the
      The man telephoned a second time: he called the number of Chris Cardona, the
      Minister of Economics and Lawyer. Also, the content of this call is unknown. And
      Another person called the alleged smuggler later: Alfred Degiorgio.


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