Creative homemade cook stuns with her unusual version of the trend of party dishes

When it comes to a grazing fountain, cheese and antipasto tend to do the trick.

But now the hosts of the party take things to a higher level and offer the guests trays of baked potatoes, with a variety of delicious sides.

A creative food blogger from the US UU. He recently shared photos of his jacket potato dish on Facebook and the post has gone viral.

“A delicious EPIC OVEN DINNER TABLE with all your favorite ingredients, perfect for a FRIDAY NIGHT or a game day party!”

“Serve a hot bowl of chili in the center and let everyone make their own potato!”

Sandy’s smart idea involves first baking potatoes with the skin on and placing them around a selection of toppings.

Ingredients may include grated cheese, bacon, sour cream, avocado, fresh tomato sauce and chives.

For a Mexican-themed platter, Sandy recommends building the platter around a large bowl of fresh minced meat or chili with beans.

Fans of the reluctant artist have since gone to the mass Facebook page with the publication getting more than 2,500 reactions and more than 1,800 comments.

“This is a great idea, I will do it this weekend,” said one person.

“I love this and I can’t wait to try it. I just need a source that big!” Said another.

While many were impressed, some said the dish would not work if the main elements, namely the breads, were served cold.

Sandy advised the commentators to keep everything warm in the oven, including the sides, until the guests were ready to eat.

It seems that the trend of party dishes is really in the process, especially after an intelligent cook shared how she created a pavlova dish.

Canberra-based baker Shalini Nestor, founder of Swish Biscuits, set the Internet on fire late last year after she revealed her version of a DIY dessert bar.

“We had an early family Christmas today and I had to share my dessert idea!” The baker wrote on her Facebook page.

A table of pavlova grass! Small jars stuffed with passion fruit, nutella, homemade raspberry sauce, salted caramel and lemon curd.

“Lots of fruit, coconut, chocolate and fresh mint! Everyone can make their own custom pavs just the way they like it. “


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