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Cowboys 2018 off-season does not receive awards in retrospect

The 2018 offseason saw the Dallas Cowboys take a huge leap in terms of turn over. The Cowboys have become even younger and those who were not in the team the previous year have become significant contributors. With the 2019 offseason finally getting some traction, ESPN took the time to revisit the 2018 offseason and classify the Cowboys off-season moves last year.

The Cowboys tried to address the situation of their receiver in the offseason and it would have been better not to win a war of bids for Sammy Watkins. However, the inability of the team to adequately face the position during the offseason turned out to be expensive when Dallas, desperate for an offensive spark, acquired Amari Cooper from Oakland for a first-round pick in late October.

Cooper helped the offense, but his upcoming contract requests could create challenges for a Dallas team with several young players lining up for new offers.

The rank of Dallas remains firm, however, because the team did well in choosing the first round Leighton Vander Esch. Other early draft choices have also shown some promise.

ESPN focused on the Cowboys' inability to place a significant substitute for Dez Bryant or a # 2 reception option. 1 until they traded the first 2019 rounder with Cooper.

Cooper proved invaluable in posting 53 catches for 725 yards with 6 touchdowns in just 9 games for the Cowboys. The Cooper contract is widespread, but if the last few years are indicative, the Cowboys tend to take care of their property before choosing to spend money or premium assets for outside help.

Vander Esch and the 2018 draft provided the Cowboys with 3 starters by the end of the season and the Cowboys guys will try to make huge leaps forward to 3019. In particular, those guys are the receiver Michael Gallup and the offensive lineman Connor Williams.

Dallas has made some minor moves so far in 2019, and will try to avoid being seen again in the middle of the NFL package.


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