Home news Convicted for having appropriated this Corsican home on its property

Convicted for having appropriated this Corsican home on its property

The owner of the luxurious Murtoli estate, in the south of Corsica, has been convicted of burglary, because he has changed the locks of a fortified house, enclosed in his country but not of him.

Paul Canarelli, owner of the luxury estate Murtoli, in the south of Corsica, was sentenced to three months suspended prison in Paris and a fine of 20,000 euros on Monday because he had cornered the fortified house more than a decade ago, a billionaire, locked up in his country. The Correctional Court of Paris, seized by the criminal part of this insular chronicle, judged this fifty-year-old guilty of a breach of house, because he destroyed the locks of the tower génoise of the XVIIth century, by Anne de Carbuccia, artist and wife of the billionaire in 2001 had changed Italian Alberto Tazartes. Justice has also established that Paul Canarelli is guilty of robbery, for emptying the house of the billionaire's personal property, and for relegations, for carrying out works that, according to her, have distorted this jewel.

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The verdict of the court is well above the fine of 5000 euros that the plaintiff against Paul Canarelli in his absence at the hearing in July requires. The Prosecution had asked for his release for the theft and deportation, noting that his intention to commit these crimes had not been established. The owner will also pay 15,000 euros in damages to Anne de Carbuccia, with regard to his non-monetary damage, and 10,000 euros in legal costs. However, we are far from the 400,000 euros demanded by the Corsican billionaire.

Luxurious sheepfold

The Genoese tower is located in the middle of the estate of Murtoli, owned by Paul Canarelli, whose luxurious sheepfolds are suitable for billionaires and personalities such as Nicolas Sarkozy. Anne de Carbuccia bought it in 2001 from his former owner, Paul d & # 39; Ortoli. In June 2005, Paul Canarelli, who understood that she was not a tenant but owner, disputed the sale of the building and challenged the right to exploit it by renting it out to third parties, with a verbal commercial lease with Paul van Ortoli.

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In 2006 he had the locks of the house changed, of which Anne de Carbuccia was deprived until civil justice strengthened it in his rights, in 2009. The billionaire can not enjoy his house today, made uninhabitable by a water damage when Paul Canarelli monopolized it .

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