Home news Controversy Among YouTubers Leads To Mass Brawl | TIME ONLINE

Controversy Among YouTubers Leads To Mass Brawl | TIME ONLINE

A dispute among creators has in Berlin led to a mass brawl with several casualties and nine arrests. After a creator from Stuttgart had called in the social networks to a fan meeting, gathered on Thursday evening, according to the police about 400 people on the Alexanderplatz. For unknown reasons, about 50 people got into a fight and hit each other.

About 100 policemen tried to separate the youths. Nine participants were temporarily arrested. A total of 13 investigations were initiated, inter alia, for dangerous bodily harm and serious breaches of the peace. Two policemen were slightly injured.

The reason for the dispute is reportedly a prolonged dispute between two young rappers with YouTube channels. Both would have their followers by video for Alexanderplatz mobilized, it said. The police union chief of state, Norbert Cioma, said: "We see in the rap scene and increasingly also other influencers that they are sometimes very negligent with their influence and it seems to be fashion to open powder kegs quite deliberately to more Generate followers, subscribers and clicks. "

Alexanderplatz is one of the seven crime hotspots in Berlin, where the police are particularly present. For about a year there is a separate police station and additional police patrols.


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