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Comment on the police scandal in Munich – Munich

A possible sexual offense and anti-Semitic videos: what happened in the Assistance Command contradicts the principles of the police – and what they demand from the public.

Comment by Susi Wimmer

So now Munich. After disconcerting findings about a right-wing extremist network in the Frankfurt police and excesses of Berlin officials, the police must once again investigate themselves, again the Munich Support Command is at the center. A police officer is suspected of having sexually abused a woman. In a group chat, USK officials and former members shared videos with anti-Semitic content. At Taser training, colleagues were deliberately injured with power surges. Dirty "jokes" and sexist photos in uniform made the rounds.

The legal examination is still running, but what can be said now: All this is in contradiction to the principles of the police and also to their prevention courses for the population. It's about getting up, not looking away, acting when things get out of hand.

Police in Munich Police scandal in Munich - suspensions at special unit

Sexual offenses and anti-Semitism

Police scandal in Munich – suspensions at special unit

The police in Munich found in a chat of more than 40 USK officials, in which anti-Semitic videos were shared.By Susi Wimmer

It is not the first tangible scandal at the USK. Thirteen years ago, it was about overbearing and inhumane behavior. The leadership reformed the troupe, there were personnel changes, they wanted to sensitize. But internally it went on evidently cheerfully. There are almost exclusively men in the closed units. Men who are sent on their way when things get hot. Men who may not always be up to the job. Men who then lose their sense of limitations and taste. How else to explain such disgusting behavior?

Munich's chief of police Hubertus Andrä has cracked down very fast and very hard, that's a sign. But the scandal has been boiling for weeks behind the walls of the Ettstraße, and only when the media got wind of it, the presidium went on Friday to the public – a nonsense.

The police have a special responsibility due to their powers, which are even growing with the new Police Task Force Act. The scandal of Munich is far from over. Of individual black sheep one must not close on the whole herd. It is noticeable, however, that such incidents almost exclusively hit barracks clubs like the police. Do closed units need more psychological help, or is there a general training problem? The Munich police must clarify what goes wrong there. And she has to change it.


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