Home news Colombia: President declares peace talks with ELN guerrilla over

Colombia: President declares peace talks with ELN guerrilla over

After the heavy bombing of 21 deaths at a police academy in Colombia, the government has announced tough measures against the left-wing guerrilla organization ELN. Those exposed in the course of the peace talks arrest warrants against the leaders of the rebel group would be reinstated, said President Iván Duque at a televised speech on Friday. He asked the government of Cuba, the ten negotiators of the ELN
to be extradited to the island as part of a peace process
 to have.

"We will not rest until we have brought all the perpetrators and masterminds to justice," Duque continued. The assassin, a longtime member and explosives expert of the ELN, died in the attack. A suspect was in the aftermath of the assassination Bogotá arrested.

On Thursday, at least 21 people were killed and 68 others injured in an attack on a police school in the Colombian capital Bogotá. It
 was the most serious assassination in the capital since 16
 Years. Shortly after a cadet transport ceremony, a man had driven a car loaded with explosives on the grounds of the General Santander Police College in the south of the megacity and exploded. The government blamed the ELN for the attack.

Colombia – Many killed in attack on police school in Bogotá
In a bomb attack at least 21 people died in the Colombian capital Bogotá. The culprit should belong to the left-wing ELN guerrilla.

© Photo: John Wilson Vizcaino / AP / dpa

 Peace negotiations with the ELN have been suspended for months. Duque
had allowed the rebel leaders until recently, however, to stay in Cuba.

FARC also criticized Stroke

The National Liberation Army (ELN) is the last active
Rebel group of the Latin American country. Duque's predecessor Juan Manuel Santos had the decade-long guerilla warfare with the
leftist rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces Colombia
(Farc) ended November 2016 with a peace agreement. The
Farc fighters then turned their weapons off and turned into one
political party around. The Farc party also criticized the attack.


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