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Cleared from "waste". The most important feature of Yandex's revolutionary social network is a ban on criticism from the authorities. Will this work?

The company "Yandex" launched in beta test social network "Aura". At this moment the user can only be invited, the full start date will not be announced. Yandex plans to compete with Mail.ru and Facebook because of a fundamentally new organization of content. At the same time, the company minimizes the risks associated with the pressure of censorship on users and companies: there are strict rules attached to the new network, for example limiting the use of abusive words.

The tape of friends in "Aura" is not formed by the user himself, but by technologies based on artificial intelligence and neural networks. Moreover, the user does not have to register: the profile of a person is created based on the data that Yandex has previously collected. On the basis of machine learning, the social network forms a friendly friend based on the interests of people and geolocation.

The users invited to "Aura" have already tested the beta version of the social network that is integrated into the usual Yandex application, so "Aura" can become the content core of all the company's services. It turned out that the network has 5 sections: friends from user publications, the Smart-matching section (an analogue of "Tinder" for dating), plus sign for creating your own publication, notification and setting.

"Yandex" has published the rules for using the social network and they look strict.

In addition to insults and blasphemy, they are also asked to refrain from "low" vocabulary, as well as "rude language and slang expressions (" police "," drugs "," loot "," garbage "," retreat ", etc.)" .

As you can see, it will not be easy to insult the power in "Aura". The shocking content includes, in addition to violence, corpses, diseases and injuries, the "birth process" and "insects and animals whose species causes horror."

A separate article prescribed a ban on the dissemination of false information. The rules state that such information "includes attempts to present itself as a third party, information deception, clickable headers, etc.". Admittedly, the mechanisms by which such content will be checked and checked for accuracy are unclear.

The network prohibits discrimination on any grounds: from gender to sexual orientation, from age to political views. At the same time, it is possible to limit access to your publications to third parties in the network by three parameters: gender, age and location.

This is not the first time companies that are primarily search engines are trying to master the profitable and extremely popular social networking niche, recalls the Social Networks founder and SNMG co-founder Denis Terekhov, but there are no successful precedents of this kind.

– "Yandex" can work with large amounts of search information. This is what he should do, the expert believes. – We have an example from Google, which launched its social network Google+, which will be securely closed in April this year. "Yandex" has already launched the social network Ya.ru, now nothing has been heard about it (the network was closed in 2014.Ed.). The most important competitor of Yandex in today's social networking site is Mail.ru Group, owner of VKontakte and Odnoklassniki. If Aura fires, Yandex can theoretically become a major player in this segment of the internet market.

According to Terekhov, however, such predictions are naive – because the users of the company will have to compete with the same Google, which owns YouTube and Facebook, and owns the social network Instagram.

"Yandex and Google are the best at creating geolocation and advertising services. But Facebook and VKontakte need to build social platforms for communication," the expert concludes.

"Aura" was created as an experimental project – no other social network had such a number of innovations: no registration, automated news feed based on data collected about the user. On the one hand, the lack of registration makes it difficult for users to be calculated by law enforcement, on the other, the fact that the network knows everything about its user without giving them information about themselves, scares people, internet ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev . Bear in mind that providers must store all information that users pass on to the servers, in accordance with the "Spring Package".

In this sense, a new social network that collects all information about a person can be a real find for the special services.

"Once the internet was strictly impersonal," recalls the expert. – To see the name and surname on the internet in the late 90s was something of an absurdity. All were under nicknames, incomprehensible logins, with avatars of fictional characters. "Against this background, the de-anonymization that Facebook declared was revolutionary.

"Now Yandex, the undisputed leader in the country's information market, is explaining something similar."

Marinichev likes the idea of ​​such a social network: he sees "Aura" as an "unconditional technical assistant" who can help build social contacts, which saves a lot of time: "You find a business partner or a loved one, who does not meet him by accident, but from that sample, which is the most acceptable and correct for you. "


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