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Classification AL: the Detroit Tigers hold the throne

For a season when no one expected much from the Tigers, their warm start to the year was a welcome surprise. They have not yet lost a series – knock wood – and found themselves in lucky positions against a yankees formation weakened by the injury. But luck can only go so far, and they had to work hard to get their victories. Fans were impressed by the strong initial rotation and the steaming bat by Christin Stewart, among others.

They are 7-3 in the last 10 games and hope to maintain a credit at the top of the division for as long as possible.

But the Cleveland Indians, which the Tigers will face this week in a series of three games, are not interested in being anywhere but in first place, and after a slow start they are ready to knock down the Tigers from the throne of the first place.

Let's take a look at the last week and see how it is shaking the AL Central, and what lies ahead.

Detroit Tigers (7-3)

Last week the tigers were supposed to start much harder the week, facing the Yankees in the Bronx for three games. But with several injuries that plagued the team, the Tigers took advantage of a weakened lineup and managed to take two of the three games before returning to Detroit. In the home opening series against the Royals, the offense came alive with several high-scoring games, and the Tigers swept the struggling Kansas City club and started their stint at home on a high note .

This week they will face two opponents of the AL Central – with the next best records in the division – so the victories of the series will not come easily, and we will see a real test of what the 2019 Tigers have to offer.

Next the next one: against Indians (3 games); @ Twins (3 games)

Cleveland Indians (6-3)

Despite some losses during their first week of the championship, the Indians had two strong series last week and hope to drive this momentum directly into the Motor City. The Indians split a series of two games against the White Sox, then swept the Jays for a series of four games to complete the week.

The tigers will not go quietly though. After a series of small change, they also hope to keep the train of victory. After three games against the Tigers, the Indians will head to Kansas City to try their luck against a lazy Royals club.

Next the next one: @ Tigers (3 games); @ Royals (3 games)

Minnesota Twins (5-3)

The twins had a lot of luck last week. They started with a short series of two games against the Royals, who were able to sweep, but then headed to Philadelphia where the Phillies took two to three games, a tough 10-4 win. They are coming out of that series of losses and are looking to the future even more endlessly.

They will start the week in New York, facing the Mets for a series of two games, before returning home to Minneapolis for a potentially very snowy series against the Tigers.

Next the next one: @ Mets (2 games); vs Tigers (3 games)

White Sox (3-6)

The White Sox had potentially the opposite fortune to the Tigers this past week, where the teams they were facing had much to prove and they did so vigorously. In their short series of two games against the Indians, they were swept, and while a game in their four-game series against the Mariners was postponed to a later date, the Seattle club arrived in Chicago and managed to take two – three-three from the Sox in three high-score games.

The White Sox have already started their week against the Rays and have already lost a game. They will see the leaders of the AL East for two more games before going to New York to see the Yankees in a series of three games.

Next the next one: vs Royals (2 more games); @ Yankees (3 games)

Kansas City Royals (2-7)

Oh Royals. Poor Royals. Last week they weren't swept just once – in a series of two games against the twins – but TWICE – in a series of three games against the Tigers. This week they hope to win just one game or two, but they don't have a promising start.

They have already lost the match in a three-game series against the Mariners, and then the Cleveland Indians will arrive in Kansas City. Neither team will offer easy victories for the Royals.

Next the next one: vs. Mariners (2 other games); against Indians (3 games)


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