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Citizen's money instead of Hartz IV: "group therapy left-wing pressure of the SPD"

The social state concept of the SPD is of the coalition partner and the FDP been critically received. CDU Vice Thomas Strobl warned in the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, it
the coalition agreement applies. "There is not much room for one
group therapy left-wing pressure of the SPD, "said the Interior Minister of

Criticism came also from the FDP. "Instead of distributing new billions of campaign gifts with the garden hose, the SPD should think about how we can take targeted action against poverty in old age," said party leader Christian Lindner Handelsblatt, In particular, the proposals for the basic pension are unfair: "Because they ignore whether people have worked and provided for themselves or not."

On Sunday, the SPD party executive committee unanimously agreed on the concept for a reform of the welfare state presented by party leader Andrea Nahles at its closed-door meeting in Berlin. This provides, inter alia, to replace Hartz IV with a new citizen money – with fewer sanctions and higher benefits for older unemployed. Those who have paid in for a long time should receive unemployment benefits for up to three years, instead of falling into social assistance after 12 or 24 months today. Among other things, a higher low-income pension is planned for citizens who have paid contributions for 35 years. However, the Union calls for a means test to be carried out by the SPD is rejected.

CDU economic politician Carsten Linnemann recalled the long participation of the Social Democrats in government. "The SPD has helped over the past 20 years for 16 years and enforced a lot of social policy," said Linnemann also the Handelsblatt, If she now gives the impression that the German welfare state does not work everywhere, she "makes herself smaller than she is". Then the SPD need "do not be surprised at missing approval values". Hessen's Prime Minister Volker Bouffier, like Strobl
 CDU vice, the SPD accused of wanting
to bury the "social market economy".

"Do not look for trouble with the Union"

Against this criticism were several SPD politicians. "That's certainly nonsense," said Lower Saxony's prime minister Stephan Weil. The new reform concept would not question either the social market economy or other achievements. "It is a meaningful development." SPD Secretary General Lars Klingbeil said Augsburger AllgemeineIt was right to reorganize the welfare state in these changed times. CDU and CSU he accused empty content: "Except for tax cuts for super-rich I have not heard any programmatic proposals in recent weeks."

The parliamentary managing director of the SPD faction in the
Bundestag, Carsten Schneider, denied that his party with the welfare state concept especially the
Confrontation with the coalition partner search. "We show it
fundamental differences between us and the Union, but that
Concept goes beyond the work in the coalition, "he said world, "The SPD marks its substantive
Basic orientation for the next five to ten years. "

The left reacted positively. Party leader Bernd Riexinger called the proposals welcome, urged the SPD but now to be more concrete. To stop the "free fall" in the polls – "before she becomes single-digit" – the SPD leadership must "see through how she wants to implement all this," he said Stuttgarter Nachrichten and the Stuttgarter Zeitung, That certainly would not work with the Union.


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