Chris Cuomo from CNN threatens man who called him "Fredo"


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Chris Cuomo, the CNN anchor and member of a political dynasty in New York, unleashed a wave of curses, insulted insults, and threatened to throw a man down the stairs after the man apparently named him Fredo, a reference to "The Godfather" film trilogy, according to a video that spread on social media on Monday evening.

The video, originally shared on the conservative YouTube channel That & The Point With Brandon, does not show the comment that caused the incident. But it catches Mr. Cuomo's furious reaction as he is ashamed of the comment that he amounts to & # 39; the n-word & # 39; for Italian-Americans.

"My name is Chris Cuomo", he says in the video. "I'm an anchor on CNN. Fredo is from" The Godfather. "He was that weak brother. And they use it as an Italian aversion."

Mr. Cuomo's brother is Government Andrew M. Cuomo and their father is the former governor Mario M. Cuomo. In the movies & # 39; Godfather & # 39; Fredo Corleone is the weak, ineffective brother of Mafia leader Michael Corleone, who is resentful that Michael became the heir to the family business.

On Tuesday morning, mr. Cuomo a statement in which he said: "I appreciate all the support, but the truth is that I should be better than the guys who are after me."

He added: “There is a lesson: no need to add to ugliness; I should be better than what I am against. & # 39;

Monday night a CNN spokesperson, Matt Dornic, said on Twitter that the network was behind Mr. Cuomo.

"Chris Cuomo defended himself when he was verbally attacked with the use of an ethnic blemish in an orchestrated arrangement," wrote Dornic. "We fully support him."

In the YouTube video, Mr. Cuomo said that his conservative critics had often used the name as an insult to him.

On Tuesday morning President Trump, who often criticizes the Cuomo brothers, seemed to drive that point home and wrote on Twitter: “I thought Chris was Fredo too. The truth hurts. Totally lost. & # 39;

Mr.'s eldest son Trump, Donald Trump Jr., also weighed on Twitter. When he was Monday night Cuomo spoke, he wrote: "Take it from me," Fredo "is not the N word for Italians, it just means that you are the stupid brother."

The Cuomo family has long been furious at even the hint of a reference to the Mafia. Mario Cuomo often urged journalists and officials to speak & # 39; mafia & # 39; not to use – even when a mafia boss was killed in 1985 – and called it an & # 39; ugly stereotype & # 39 ;.

Brandon Recor, the host of the YouTube channel who posted the video, said he sent the footage on Sunday evening by the man involved in the confrontation, who, according to Mr. Recor, asked for anonymity because he lived in New York and worried about the Governor's retaliation.

Mr. Recor, who lives in Los Angeles, said the man was at a bar on Shelter Island, N.Y. when he approached Mr. Cuomo. In the video, the man insists he thought Mr. Cuomo was actually called Fredo.

Recor claimed that "the man listens to Rush Limbaugh a lot, and for whatever reason, Rush Limbaugh refers to Chris Cuomo as Fredo. So the man said, "Hello, Fredo, can I get a photo?"


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