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Children under six years unwanted | TIME ONLINE

In the Hamburg café moki's goodies, small children up to the age of six have to stay outside – they are not welcome. A note on the homepage of the café made a few days ago on Instagram the round. Over the owner a shitstorm broke in, which surprised in its vehemence. Parents outraged themselves in social media and thought up the hashtag #Schnullergate, quickly became discriminating the speech. After a report in the ZEIT-Hamburg-Newsletter "Elbvertiefung" hundreds of emails reached us about the case. Opinions also differ widely among our readers – here we have two of them expressing their opinions.

"There is nothing wrong with the children, but in some dogged adult heads"

Rachel Clarke, mother of two guys
at the age of two and four years, lives in Hamburg-Ohlsdorf:

For me, the ban on children says
Everything about a mentality, the here in Hamburg and in general in
Germany rules. Obviously, the cafe owner saw such a
clear position, because other visitors reacted with a pique. I can
Understand that the noise and wild life that children bring with them sometimes
disturbs. Nevertheless, I wish a change of perspective! With the kids is
nothing wrong, but in some dogged adult heads. to those
I wish a little more Pippi Longstocking to the heart.

Rahel Clarke is the mother of two sons.
© private

The other day I have one
Watching a cafe watching a scene that has made me very angry: one
Parents, the daughter only a few weeks old, was probably the first time after
having breakfast together The daughter got hungry. The young mother
tried to calm the baby, nursing it under a nursing towel. you
realized that breastfeeding was still new and unfamiliar to her. The embarrassment
She was worried about the screaming child. There were two older mockers
Ladies, sitting two tables away, asked the mother, her child
but please breastfeed in the toilet. The family then left the cafe,
Some tears were rolling outside. It does not belong in this day and age.
Is that the kind of society we want to be?

My two boys are loud,
happy and not exactly shy. They like to chat with unsuspecting
Fellow man. Sometimes I apologize for being a bit pushy
becomes. It is nice if then someone just a kind smile and left
not just an annoyed look, just like our childless neighbor,
who only said to the noise: "Oh, that's wonderful, here in Italy
all children like that and we love it! "

Hamburg is not Italy,
Naturally. But maybe one can speak of the attitude in Southern Europe and in the
just as child-friendly Scandinavia learn something. I'd wish,
that a dialogue arises when someone feels disturbed in the café. You could go in
In such a case, the child also simply address and ask it: "What is your name?
And maybe you can play over there? It bothers me here. "That would be
always better than just stare grimly to himself.

Of course, all sides should
Take care. Yes, there are reckless parents who seem to have the look
for it is missing, when it would be appropriate to call the child to rest. I myself
I'm pretty considerate, I think. It also happened that one of
we went out with our children from the restaurant – meanwhile I go
no longer with tired children in the restaurant and select such places, in
which there is a play box or a children's corner. There you feel the same

How important it is to wake up
To have a look for the living world of my fellow human beings has given me one last time
Situation before the kindergarten shown. I sometimes put my car on one
Private parking lot. Of course, it sometimes takes 15 minutes before the
Small is dressed. When we came out that day, it was
Parking lot holder in front of me, he was really angry: "Of course, some people
They think they can do anything just because they have kids! "I could handle his anger
understand and have apologized. That was pretty healing for me.
Since then I have been trying to park my car elsewhere. To understand each other, we have to
talk more. Only prohibitions, blinders and Me-firstThinking – so
it does not work.


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