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Children also had the right to suggest their ideas

On Wednesday, March 20, 2019, the Cité des Enfants hosted the Great Children's Debate. – O. Gabriel / 20 Minutes

  • The consultations for the Great National Debate end on Friday, now the government has to sort out and come up with some ideas for reform.
  • Among the many contributions, those of a hundred children gathered around the Secretary of State for the protection of children this Wednesday afternoon for the Great debate of children.
  • Ecological transition, citizenship, solidarity and violence were on the menu of this meeting which was attended by wind Brigitte Macron.

This Wednesday, Agathe, Gaëlle, Adam did not come to the Cité des enfants to test the TV studio or visit the exhibition. But to exchange and explain to Adrien Taquet, Secretary of State for the protection of children and Brigitte Macron, how they hope to see France evolve. A hundred children aged 7 to 14, handpicked from all over France, had an appointment with the
City of Science for the only national children's debate. Once is not customary, two days before the end of
Great national debate, the government wished to give the floor to the youngest. "Everything will be subscribed and donated in the same way as the thousands of contributions of the great national debate," says the minister.

Passage of the first lady in a gust of wind

Ecological transition to the menu of course, but also citizenship, solidarity and school violence … From 14h, children, some proudly wearing their scarf elected to the city council, settle and organize themselves around four thematic workshops to prepare interventions . But finally, the same questions echo in the various groups. Including equality between men and women and cyberstalking. The minister and the first lady tour the workshops, followed by a horde of cameras. "Harassment can happen everywhere, on the Internet too," says Antony, a boy from Taverny. I put myself in the place of victims, it is not easy, that's why we should not hesitate to talk about it. Brigitte Macron agrees: "This is the subject on which I am most challenged, harassment affects a lot of children and adolescents. It is important that we fight together. "

Adrien Taquet, Secretary of State for Child Protection and First Lady Brigitte Macron came to listen to the grievances and hopes of the children.
Adrien Taquet, Secretary of State for Child Protection and First Lady Brigitte Macron came to listen to the grievances and hopes of the children. – O. Gabriel / 20 Minutes

Smile and requirement

"The advantage of this period is that we dialogue and I think it must continue," says Brigitte Macron. After this appetizer and communication operation, children recover and regain strength before the famous debate. In front of the buffet, Salomé, 9, does not sulk her pleasure. "It's a chance to share my ideas with children from all over France," smiles the little girl from Schiltigheim (Alsace). Areslain, 14, suit and red glasses, takes his mission very seriously … but assumes his demand. "I would like to ask the minister why France does not do like Switzerland, where public transport is electric, where trucks are not allowed to cross the country. I hope he will listen to us and that it will be used for something. "

For one hour, the hundred or so children participated in four thematic workshops.
For one hour, the hundred or so children participated in four thematic workshops. – O. Gabriel / 20 Minutes

"You have excited me, I will speak to the President who was with you in thought," said the First Lady. Go ahead there is no brake, you can tell him what you have on the heart and he will do. Because Brigitte Macron made the trip … but can not stay to participate in the debate. "I'm not here to convince you that what Emmanuel Macron and Adrien Taquet do is great, but to listen to your rants and your dreams, promises the minister. There is a lot of debate in France at the moment, there is a lot of talk about your future, I said to myself and asked their opinion? "

Concrete measures for the homeless

To launch the dialogue, Adrien Taquet invites the spokesman of the group who worked on solidarity and armed with his little school notebook. "I propose that we befriend each other. But do as you want! Adam, 16, from the 19th arrondissement, takes the microphone: "As a future citizen, this is a subject that is close to my heart: to take better care of the homeless. And the teenager to list solutions: "We must create places so that they can shower, sleep under a roof, reinsert, raise awareness with signs in the subway, from college, have testimonials from Homeless people who are people like us, give more grants to homeless associations. "

Skeptical, Adam expects concrete actions. "Me and politics, that's ten. But when in my association Cafézoid, of defense of the rights of the Man and the child one spoke to me about this Great national debate, I told myself why not? I hope to be happy and proud to have participated in the well-being of the homeless. "

"And you, you sort? "

And of course, the question of ecology comes into the discussion. How to do without plastic? And protect bees? What is replacing Google which pollutes a lot? "And you, you sort? "Quizzes, the minister in front of the assembly arranged in a circle. "When I listen to you, I hallucinate a little: me, at your age, the questions of ozone layers it exceeded me a little. You are the first generation to be so aware of the threat that weighs on us and it gives me confidence in you, "enthuses Adrien Taquet.

Adrien Taquet, Minister for Children debated for an hour and a half with a hundred children from all over France for the big children's debate at the Cité des Sciences.
Adrien Taquet, Minister for Children debated for an hour and a half with a hundred children from all over France for the big children's debate at the Cité des Sciences. – O. Gabriel / 20 Minutes

Harassment and equality

When the subject of violence comes, many of them regret the lack of listening to adults. "I was harassed at 11 years old and my mistress did not listen to me, I had the impression that I had not been heard then why? Reveals a little girl. "We need to educate children before school because harassment begins at an early age and it is where children are not necessarily aware of what they say," Adam responds.

"Normally, teachers have been trained, there is a day of awareness, what should be more," asks the minister. Do you speak to your friends, we have set up ambassadors in some schools, do you think this is a good idea? Some think that a toll-free number would be more useful, others believe that delegates play this role of confidants. Yvann, 9, explains his role as mediator in his elementary school. "When there is a fight after a football match for example, I intervene to dialogue and solve problems. "

"Can we change the theme? Asks a malicious child. " You're bored ? It's my collaborator who offered you sweets for me to hurry? ", Replies the minister. But Antony wants to put a layer on violence against women. "We never criticize boys on their clothes," said the boy from Taverny. Many hands are up. Maëlys, 15, testifies: "When you pass a group of guys, we are afraid of receiving derogatory remarks throughout our youth and it weighs in the esteem of women. Applause.

"I do not know if racism is part of the harassment but I wanted to say that we must stop making fun of the skin color of others," adds Allan. Maëlys, 10, came from Les Mureaux, concludes the debate: "One wonders why we do not raise children's awareness and earlier to different inequalities? "I will talk with the Minister of National Education to see if we can do better. And Adrien Taquet propose a sequel: "The exercise that we will do there, we could repeat it. I would like to have a small group of children to submit ideas, if the exercise you liked, we will meet again later. "

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