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Chess Championship: Second game, second draw

The second World Cup duel between chess world champion Magnus Carlsen and his challenger Fabiano Caruana also ends without a winner.
 As on the day before, there is a rook ending.
 Here is the Liveticker for your reference.



    Defending champion Magnus Carlsen has to wait for his first win at the Chess World Championships in London. The 27-year-old Norwegian, who played with the white pieces on Saturday, and his challenger Fabiano Caruana (USA) also agreed on a draw in the second game after about three hours. The next duel will take place on Monday (4 pm) after a rest day.


    Carlsen opened the encounter classic with the double step of the d-pawn and the Queen's Gambit, Caruana chose the rejection of the Gambit. Carlsen had put his challenger in the opening game still strongly under pressure with his aggressive game and gave the victory several times out of hand, so the two on Saturday had no great difficulty to reach the draw. As on the previous day, it came to the rook ending game, despite the multi-builder of Caruana mastered Carlsen the role of the defender sovereign.

Carlsen and Caruana agree on a draw
                World Champion Magnus Carlsen has played a win against challenger Fabiano Caruana at the start – the second game also ends in a draw.
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Compared to the first game, the two opponents were much faster on Saturday. At the start, Carlsen and Caruana had agreed on a draw only after seven hours. With 115 moves it was the second longest World Cup duel in history, only the fifth match between Anatoly Karpov and Viktor Korchnoi in 1978 (draw after 124 moves) was longer.


    Carlsen crowned himself the second youngest world champion in history at the age of 22 in 2013 and has defended his title twice since then. He leads the world ranking since 2011, Caruana is behind him in second place and prevailed in March at the Candidates tournament in Berlin against seven opponents.


    The prize money for the event scheduled for November 28th is € 1 million. A maximum of twelve games with regular time for reflection are played, whereby the opening right changes in each case.


    For a win there is a point, in the case of a draw, both opponents receive half each. If a player reaches 6.5 counters early, the duel is over. In case of a tie after the twelfth game, as with the 2016 World Cup between Carlsen and the Russian Sergei Karjakin, a tiebreaker with reduced playing time will be played.

Ingenious concept, sloppy execution
                        Magnus Carlsen brings Fabiano Caruana at the World Cup opener in dire straits. But then the world champion makes mistakes that are unusual for a player in his class and cost him victory.


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