Champions League: Silva's shocker saves Guardiola


Pep Guardiola returns to Germany with ManCity and has to shiver in Hoffenheim for a long time before the 2: 1 falls.
 The team of Julian Nagelsmann shows a defensive appearance – but in the end the defense does not even fit.

       From Saskia Aleythe, Sinsheim



    Julian Nagelsmann once clenched his fist, because he had not even warmed up in the coaching zone of the Sinsheimer Arena. Strains on the balls of his bones are among the rare sports injuries, so the coach of the TSG Hoffenheim had little to fear, he cheered so into himself, around him were the substitutes jumped, about 30 meters further the ball was in the gate of Manchester City: leading goal after 47 seconds. Since you could be surprised. But a Julian Nagelsmann knows, of course, that you can not manage a 1: 0 against a team of Pep Guadiola in just the remaining 89 minutes and 13 seconds plus stoppage time. So he was sitting again soon.


    Nagelsmann and Guardiola, this was a meeting of two special football-minds, who see their mission rather than to be considered philosophers of the beautiful game, as to fabricate just success stories without aesthetics. It was a nice match that ended 2-1 (1: 1) for Manchester City: Belfodil scored in the first minute, Agüero equalized in the 8th, and then David Silva saved in the 87th English people. With a progress in the Champions League, it is now tight for Hoffenheim, which was less to the tactics Nagelsmanns as an individual error shortly before the end.


    And perhaps also because at TSG all the regulars in defense were injured due to injury. So many high-profile alternatives, the club then not available.

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Not only because of this was it possible to anticipate that the Hoffenheim would be more likely to be found in his own penalty area, Nagelsmann had announced: "ManCity often has 75 percent possession of the ball, if we come to more than 25 percent, we will also get opportunities, Scoring goals, "the 31-year-old concluded from his analysis of the Premier League leader. A few seconds after the kick-off he saw that he had sworn his team on the principle of targeted attack: Kerem Demirbay had the ball centered on the incoming Belfodil, who fearlessly turned to 1-0. Nagelsmann stood, Guardiola sat on the bench.


    A little later, Guardiola was back in a German arena after a 1-1 draw: Silva had flanked Leroy Sané on the left with a high ball from the center of the field, who then played the ball back to Agüero on. And then came to the half-time whistle, a match as Nagelsmann had prophesied: ManCity had the ball, Hoffenheim was on raids, especially on the right side in the form of Demirbay and Belfodil.