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Ceasefire in the Gaza Strip broken again | TIME ONLINE

The ceasefire in Gaza, mediated by Egypt and unilaterally proclaimed by Hamas, does not last. The Israeli air force again attacked Hamas targets in the Palestinian area on Tuesday night. According to the Israeli army, militant Palestinians had previously fired again at Israel's border area.

According to Israeli media reports, militant Palestinians once again sent balloons with explosive devices to Israel despite a ceasefire announced the previous evening. According to information from the army, Israel wants to send more troops to the edge of the Palestinian territory. Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi had decided to move an infantry brigade and an artillery battalion in the south of Israel. This decision was the result of a consultation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu had earlier threatened further military action against Hamas. Israeli UN Ambassador Danny Danon had warned the leaders of the radical Islamic Hamas of further attacks against Israel. If the attacks continue, they would face the power of the Israeli military and be "buried in the tunnels of Gaza," Danon told the UN Security Council.

Mutual terror allegations

The conflict was re-boiled after a rocket from the Gaza Strip hit a residential building in Israel on Monday. Danon called the attack a "heinous crime going Israel" and a "direct act of terror against our people". The Angirff injured seven people. Israel responded with retaliatory attacks.

Palestinian UN Ambassador Rijad Mansur said
the situation in the Gaza Strip is "part of the long-standing campaign
the violence and terror that Israel inflicts on our people. "He also emphasized:" The Palestinian leadership has repeatedly and unequivocally condemned acts of violence against civilians, including terrorist acts. "

Hamas unilaterally announced a ceasefire on Monday night mediated by Egypt. Israel did not confirm this ceasefire. The cease-fire was broken on both sides that same night. Only on Tuesday did it seem to last for a few hours during the day until it was broken again on Tuesday evening.

Because of the new escalation in the Middle East, the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu had shortened his US trip. He landed in Israel on Tuesday afternoon.



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