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CDU workshop talk: Just do not stir up too much

In the end blowing
but a touch AFD through the Konrad-Adenauer-Haus: At the first workshop talk
Migration, security and integration in the CDU Federal Center occurs
young man to the public microphone: He was a policeman from Frankfurt and glad to be in
To live Germany, he says. Even his children and grandchildren should be in this
Germany can grow up. "But if someone comes here, the traditions
and questioning values ​​and principles, then I need a strong state that acts and
simply protects the rest of the people who want to live together peacefully. "Rest of the people?
Podium on the final round of their four discussion guests about.

The throw-in
of the man shows the tension under which the CDU since Chancellor Angela Merkel in a September night 2015, dozens of buses decided in Hungary
stranded refugees across the Austrian-German border are coming to
to let
, Tens of thousands followed within a few days. Not just the country, especially
Merkel's CDU has been arguing ever since, whether that and the following policy
was right and what it means for today. The workshop talk is the promise
the new CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the refugee policy since
To work up 2015.

Between humanity and hardness

Critics see September 2015 as a loss of control. By the time the government crossed the border
it did not close, it effectively overruled the principle of the Dublin Agreement. It
states that an application for asylum must be made in the country where
the refugee enters the EU. Which only works badly in practice, like
also invited by Kramp-Karrenbauer to kick off the workshop discussion
Experts stated. Their two-hour discussion centered around "one
reasonable mixture of humanity and hardness ", as the Konstanzer
Jurist Daniel Thym formulated. Thyms Kölner Berufskollege
Christian Hillgruber predicted, though
If this mix succeeds, "we would get more support for refugee protection
received in the population ".

What the circular arranged around the podium
The invited CDU audience got to hear was largely foreseeable and could be loud in advance
Doubts about the meaning of the panel of experts confirmed: it was possible to hear an outward discussion with mostly well-known arguments and positions.

The round made some suggestions, like the
Balance between humanity and hardness could look like. The onward migration of refugees arriving in the EU into
Member State of their choice could be there with the withdrawal of social benefits
stemmed, the legal scientist Thym proposed. His colleague Hillgruber
Assumed even earlier: Who escaped from the civil war in Syria, for example
Reaching a camp in Jordan or Lebanon yet already in
Safety, he argued. That from there, especially young men
to open up to Europe, "intends with protection
Civil war nothing more to do. "Link politicians or Greens would fierce here
countered, at the CDU event that remains unchallenged.

Endurance dispute with Seehofer

Because parts
The party sees the CDU since 2015 similarly traumatized as the policy
the SPD through the Hartz reforms: Political success fell above all the AfD, because Merkel's supposed marginal opening in 2015 has the
Made nationalists strong. The permanent dispute Merkel with the then CSU chairman and
Interior Minister Horst Seehofer on an upper limit for asylum seekers or the
Rejections at the border
dropped the CDU election results. many
Christian Democrats is incomprehensible, why France about refugees at the
Boundary rejects and the Federal Government considers that only in rare cases possible.

At the height of the internal crisis, it even saw a break in the group
from CDU /Christian Social Union in the Bundestag: Your own Minister of the Interior certified the
Chancellor a "rule of injustice".


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