Case Relotius has personal consequences for the "mirror" | TIME ONLINE


The case that Relotius has in the news magazine mirror Personal consequences. Two executives will certainly not start their new positions at the Hamburger Nachrichtenmagazin, according to the publisher. Ullrich Fichtner, editor-in-chief of the printed magazine, and designated journalist Matthias Geyer were entrusted with new strategic tasks and directly associated with the editor-in-chief.

The internal commission's investigation into the forgeries of former editor Claas Relotius has shown that there is no personal fault in the fraud cases, said editor-in-chief Steffen Klusmann, according to the announcement. At the same time, they take the responsibility to dispel any doubts about the integrity of the magazine.

Geyer also gives the head of the department of society at his own request. He and Fichtner were superiors of Relotius and were considered his patrons. They would start their new positions early in the year, but the contracts were initially suspended after the case became known. As a reporter with special duties, Fichtner now has to design title stories and promote "big projects", while Geyer is primarily concerned with the text quality of the paper.

the mirror had discovered and made public the fake case in mid-December. The editor-in-chief spoke in this context about the "worst journalistic crisis" in the news magazine.

The reporters assigned Claas Relotius to the department of the company had the allegations according to the mirrorLeadership already recognized his contract at that time and then terminated it. The journalist initially worked as a freelancer for the mirror After that he was a full-time editor for eighteen months. His are the mirror According to almost 60 texts in the magazine and on since 2011 Mirror online popped up.

From 2010 to 2012, Claas Relotius wrote five articles for ZEIT ONLINE and one for ZEIT WISSEN. The editors assessed these messages. Our knowledge can be found in our Transparency Blog Glashaus.