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Canadian soldiers arrived in Newfoundland to help the province clean up after a big snowstorm over the weekend, as residents are worried about travel restrictions and closed businesses.

On Sunday night, almost 200 soldiers arrived after Dwight Ball, the prime minister of Newfoundland and Labrador province, requested federal help. The measure underscored the immense challenges that communities face to clean the snow that has prevented residents from leaving their homes and accessing their vehicles.

Soldiers have been tasked with clearing roads, freeing trapped residents and helping sick and elderly people.

A massive storm, known as “Stormageddon,” hit the Atlantic province on Friday and Saturday, throwing more than 75 cm (29.5 inches) of snow in the province’s capital, San Juan, with gusts of winds that reached 150 km / h (93 mph). The resulting drifts buried cars and houses, paralyzing much of the region.

in a widely circulated video clip, a CBC News reporter was shot down by powerful gusts of wind while providing updates on the storm.

Power and politics

.@MurphTWN It is hit by a gust of wind at St. John’s, as a furious snowstorm causes East Newfoundland to stop (it’s fine). Read the latest about the storm here:

January 17, 2020

Others had more novel interactions with the record weather.

“The snow is so stacked against my door that the doorbell actually rang,” said independent journalist Jason Sheppard. tweeted on saturday.

In a province well versed in the fight against bad weather, the state of emergency was declared in numerous communities, including that of San Juan, the first in 36 years. The law requires that cars remain off the roads and that companies remain closed. More snow Sunday night kept the emergency in effect.

“They are not forgetting you,” San Juan Mayor Danny Breen told the public. But Breen also said fines of up to $ 5,000 (£ 2,950) would be handed out Monday to anyone who violates the rules. Grocery stores are expected to reopen on Tuesday, but restaurants and bars will remain closed.

A snowboarder takes advantage of conditions in San Juan after the storm forced vehicles to stay off the roads. Photography: Canadian Press / Rex / Shutterstock

While some have expressed frustration at not being able to buy groceries or fuel, suggesting that they would gladly accept fines for travel, others have tried to make the most of the events. The steep hills of downtown San Juan have been transformed into ski slopes, with snowboarders carving snow-covered cars and using the roofs of buildings to jump.

There were two deaths in the city of Harbor Grace. Bud Chafe and Rupert Crocker died after shoveling snow outside their homes.

On Monday, rescue teams resumed the search for Josh Wall, 26, who disappeared on Friday while walking to a friend’s house. Efforts to find Wall were suspended over the weekend due to the weather.



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