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Can these eyes love? | TIME ONLINE

These eyes. Dark brown, huge. Times sad and vulnerable,
then determined iron-hard again. If the eyes are actually the mirror of the
human soul, then Alita's eyes are the mirror of possibilities
modern special effects. The makers of Alita: Battle Angel know about the
Effect of their creation, and so there is a scene in this 3-D action spectacle,
Alita falls from a great height, and her eye always comes to the onlooker
closer until it fills the whole screen, yes, the whole hall – until the
Observer, as it were, sinks into this human dark brown.

Alita's eyes are not real, they come from the
Computer. And not again. Because the specialists
The effects company Weta scanned the eyes of actress Rosa Salazar and enlarged her many times. In addition, during the
Two small cameras shoot the facial expression of the actress, so Alita
not only with Salazar's eyes, but also with her physiognomy
Feelings transported. A hermaphrodite of ones, zeros and human

The big eyes miss the eponymous cyborg with the
Girl face the face of a manga figure. That fits, because Alita based on
the Japanese comic series Battle Angel Alitawhich appeared from 1991 on. therein
A female cyborg with no memories awakens in a post-apocalyptic
World, goes in search of his past and discovers that he is over
has extraordinary powers.

A substance that is literally James Cameron cries, the creator of Titanic and Avatarstill
most successful films of all time. Larger than life, full of great
Feelings, brutal struggles and futuristic technique. It was Cameron, too
the filming anschob. For Alita
Although he wrote only the script and produced, the director he left Robert Rodriguez. But this film has all the insignia of a Cameron work. For good or bad.

There are classic TitanicMoments: Alita swings once
on the bike of her lover and jubilantly arms raised in the air
like Kate Winslet at the bow of the ocean liner. The
If necessary, liquefying metal from Alita's body evokes memories of the T-1000, the cyborg Terminator 2, And under that
Effect bling bling chugs, as always with Cameron, an amazingly simple one
History in which good and evil are recognizable at first sight and seemingly
hopelessly weak figures to save the world.

That's the job of Alita, basically the female version of teen John Connor Terminator 2, However, she may even be a teen and a cyborg in one. Alita is I do
(Christoph Waltz) and brought back to life. You and your
Substitute fathers live in a metropolis called Iron City, sometime after one
War between humans and alien invaders. In the city prevail
Murder and manslaughter, machine people and cyborgs march through the streets,
and after Alita has discovered her powers, there are many opportunities
Thunderous duels, metal against metal. The robot girl falls in love with a young man in
dark shops are involved in cyborg replacement parts. Dr. Ido betrays Alita
not the whole truth about their past. And then there's the counterworld Zalem, where the elite live in what is supposed to be a perfect sociotope, and yet they house the actual nemesis of Alita

So the story is stuffed with elements from the
recent science fiction film history, and in places, quite well
Moments in which the pure kinetic energy of action sequences this
Mishmash gives something enthralling. At the core, however, remains Alita
Old-school spectacle cinema, a modern fairground attraction, whose
History is merely a backdrop and not in the least for the only one here
interesting motive interested: that of female self-empowerment. Alita, despite her powers, is a thoroughly dozy-eyed character.

Narrative, these eyes are so given away. trick Technically
also? From this perspective Alita interesting despite its weaknesses:
The film may be considered a showcase for the possibilities of computer
Generated Imagery (CGI)
, Effects from the computer so, and especially for the
Development status of Motion Capturing, This is the name of the process whose newest creature is Alita. Thereby becomes human movement
recorded by special cameras and transferred to 3-D models from the computer. In recent years, the term has become synonymous for it Performance Capture enforced,
because the technique can be more and more complex images and mimic expressions
generate, she acts in a sense always better.


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