Call to change Australia’s peak vacation period


A university scholar has said that it is “time to say goodbye to typical Australian summer vacations.”

“Maybe it’s time to reorganize (the) Australian calendar and reschedule the peak holiday period to March or April, instead of December and January,” said Professor David Bowman, who specializes in pyrogeography and fire sciences.

While Professor Bowman acknowledged that his idea was radical, he said: “What is really absurd is the business approach as usual that sees thousands of tourists go directly to the forests and national parks right in the middle of the high season of forest fires”.

“One of the big factors that exacerbate this crisis is the fact that it is happening in a holiday period,” he said.

“It makes things incredibly difficult for emergency management.

“The fact is that it would be much easier for firefighters to focus on stopping fires if they did not have to handle mass evacuations and deal with scattered populations and away from home.”

It is known that at least 21 people, 17 from New South Wales, two from Victoria and two from South Australia, died in one of Australia’s most devastating forest fire seasons to date, and there is growing fear that it will increase The number of victims.

A father and his son were confirmed dead in the popular holiday destination of Kangaroo Island. The luxury resorts of the Southern Ocean Lodge have also been destroyed.

If you want to know more, read Professor Bowman’s original article here.



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