Bye, Sebastian Kurz. And goodbye? | TIME ONLINE


For the first time in the history of Austria, a government was voted by vote of no confidence. Sebastian Kurz'Chancellorship is thus ended after one and a half years – while his ÖVP had just won the European elections with a brilliant result. What has happened there? And is that the political end of Sebastian Kurz? Florian Gasser, Austria editor of ZEIT, explains how everything fits together.

Let's look at the results of European elections on a map of Germany, we see that the country is still divided into East and West. In the East, the AfD had great success, in Brandenburg and Saxony it was even strongest force, in West Germany, however, the Greens were more successful than ever. Why is this split, what is the success of the AfD in the East? Simone Gaul talks about this with Christian Bangel, political writer for ZEIT ONLINE. He grew up in the East and has been dealing with German division and reunification for many years.

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