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BVB in the Champions League – Dortmund hangs in the ropes – sports

  • The BVB shows a very weak second half at 0: 3 in London.
  • Currently, the team acts as if they could still gamble everything in the strong season so far.

By Felix Meininghaus, London

When the final whistle sounded, things got really loud at Wembley Stadium: in the most famous football arena in the world, they put on the club song of the hosts, and the fans blared with fervor: "Oh when the Spurs go marching in, oh when the Spurs go marching in … "It was a great evening for all who cross their fingers for Tottenham Hotspur. And a black one for those who lost their hearts to Borussia Dortmund. The eight-time German champion had not traveled as a favorite to London, but such a rebuff had not been planned: BVB had to deal in the first leg of the Champions League knockout round a painful 0-3 defeat, whose final phase nourished great doubts on the season's success. The Borussia is just about to gamble almost everything.

It is not going well for the team of coach Lucien Favre, which is currently undergoing the most difficult phase since the Swiss took command in the Ruhr area. The 61-year-old looked pale and battered after the beating defeat, and that was not primarily because he had just survived a grippal effect. Despite the depressing second half, in which the Dortmund had missed all the virtues that distinguish a European top team, Favre did not want to question everything: "I'm not worried, there are such phases every season "top, top. We need to analyze that further and work harder to avoid the mistakes."

As a coach whose job it is to spread confidence, Favre has to say so. De facto, the BVB acts like a battered boxer, who hangs in the ropes and conceded one effect hit after another. Borussia has been without a win for four games, and in the last ten days has left much of what she has built up in the great first round. The lead in the table on pursuers Bayern Munich has shrunk to five points in the DFB Cup, the Dortmund have failed, now threatening the end in the Champions League.

Borussia Dortmund Too many breezy moments

Dortmund's 0: 3 at Tottenham

Too many breezy moments

Borussia Dortmund threatens the knockout round in the Champions League. In the 0-3 draw against Tottenham leaves the Bundesliga leaders only a few opportunities – and defended after the break more negligent.By Ulrich Hartmann

"The disappointment is palpable," said Sebastian Kehl, BVB head of the licensing team: "We must now try to get back on track." The league leaders of the Bundesliga are currently mainly concerned with making the interplay between storm and defense as consistent as it has usually worked so well this season. Zorc wants a "balanced balance between offensive spectacle and defensive reason".


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