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Busker who sang about the body of Madeleine McCann that was hidden in a freezer & # 39; DEFENDS a sick song

A BUSKER who caused a furore after singing about Madeleine McCann who & # 39; in his freezer & # 39; sat, beat today & # 39; snowflakes & # 39; because he was insulted by his lyrics.
Scott Andrew Brass, 44, was filmed while playing the guitar and singing the controversial song on the Quayside in Newcastle.
The man induced indignation after singing about missing Madeleine McCann in his "freezer". He told The Sun Online that he had the tune on the spot and defended his actions, saying, "It is no better or worse than the countless Maddie memes that have been floating around for years."
Scott, who has been wandering around town for 15 years, heard singing: "I know where Madeleine McCann is.
"She's in my fridge, in different parts, she's in my freezer, next to the frozen pizza."
He starts singing: "I made a couple of sandwiches from her, the Madeleine McSandwiches."
PA: Press Association Maddie was three when she disappeared from a holiday apartment in Portugal. But he said today that "humor" is subjective and critical of people who are "easily offended".
Even the boyfriend of his sister has misled his behavior and urged the city council to persuade him if he sings inappropriate songs.
Scott told The Sun Online: "Humor is subjective as you know – and some people get insulted by the least.
"The song was made up on the spot for the benefit of two ladies who had watched my act, for 15 years I have been a comedian and street musician in the area of ​​Newcastle. & # 39;
When asked why he started to sing about Madeleine, he answered "freedom of expression & # 39; and said that her parents would only be offended when they see the video & # 39 ;.
Spectators laughed while they sang the street musician, but others shot the song. He added: "The video has given me about 70,000 likes, the fact is that this was a private joke, filmed by someone I did not know.
"It was filmed in public for about three people, then it was shared and largely loved by everyone.
"It is no better or worse than the countless Maddie memes that have been floating around for years."
Other locals have told how he has also played songs about "beautiful lesbians", "pedophiles" and "gay go for Ken Barlow".
Scott added, "This number has thousands of likes and shares on Facebook and has apparently made people laugh all over the country and abroad.
"There have been several complaints, but they were in the minority and mostly of" snowflakes ", which would be insulted if it were an acrylic still life painting of a few fluffy kittens in baskets they were watching. & # 39;
The video has been uploaded online and ends with a last laugh while the phone hits the ground.
Bystanders walked past Scott as he sang about Madeleine sitting in his freezer. But dozens of people have described their aversion to the video – which has been viewed more than 300,000 times – and his sister's boyfriend has beaten his behavior.
Adam Uwadia, 42, from Jarrow, South Tyneside, has had a relationship with Scott's sister Michelle for about 15 years.
He said today: "Of course it is offensive, it is completely wrong, it should not be allowed, and it is not a funny ether, it is not a tongue and a cheek, sometimes there is a rule and it is wrong.
& # 39; When he sings things about Madeleine McCann in his freezer, I am shocked to be honest. It is contemptible, it is not surprising.
When he sits there with bad versions of The Proclaimers' songs, he does not do anything to anyone, but when he writes his own songs about Madeleine McCann, I think something must be done.
"I think the council or authorities should intervene and call him to stop, stop and stop, they should say, & # 39; you can not do that here."
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A source near Maddie's family confirmed that they were aware of the video and described it as "offensive."
Maddie was three when she disappeared from a holiday apartment in the Algarve, Portugal, while Gerry and his wife Kate, 52, had eaten with friends in the neighborhood.
She disappeared in the evening of May 3, 2007, from her bed in a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, where she slept with her brother and sister.
Last month, detectives who investigated the disappearance of Maddie have requested more money to continue the search for the missing youngster.

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