Home news Bundeswehr: Elite soldier suspected of right-wing suspensions

Bundeswehr: Elite soldier suspected of right-wing suspensions

The Bundeswehr has released a soldier of the Elite Unit Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) on suspicion of right-wing extremism. That reported the mirror and the image,

Accordingly, a ban on service and uniform was pronounced against the lieutenant colonel. According to information of image In the course of the investigations against the soldier Franco A., the Military Shielding Service, which fulfills the duties of a constitution protection authority for the Federal Ministry of Defense, became aware of the now suspended KSK soldiers. Franco A. is accused of one
right-wing outlook a stop on politician or one
Human rights activist.

The suspended elite soldier is said to have questioned by analogy in supervised phone calls to the leadership ability of the Federal Government in view of the large number of refugees. He said things had to be taken in hand.

Reich citizens within the Bundeswehr?

Information of the mirrorAccording to the Lt. Colonel, investigations are under way for the spread of "right-wing extremism in the social media". He should have posted on Facebook posts that reflected the attitude of so-called Reich citizens. He had demanded, for example, the abolition of the office of Federal President. The so-called Reich citizens do not recognize the Federal Republic as a state
 on. They speak the Basic Law, authorities and courts the
Legitimacy and accept no official decisions. The movement
is regarded as a safety hazard and is since autumn 2016 by
Protection of the constitution.

Not for the first time is against KSK soldiers on suspicion Right-wing determined: 2017 soldiers are to be shown at a farewell party for a KSK company commander the Hitler salute and legal skirt heard
to have.


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