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Bundestag debate in the ticker protocol: MP SPD tears anti-Islam proposal from the AfD

Bundestag debate in the ticker protocol: MP SPD tears anti-Islam proposal from the AfD

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The Bundestag has spoken about a flat-rate anti-Islam movement of the AfD. Many MPs have sharply criticized the document, as well as the way in which the AFD group deals with parliamentary colleagues. The debate in the ticker protocol.

The most important of the debate: An AfD application for Islam was sharply criticized in the Bundestag by members of the other political groups. It was also about the fact that the AfD group had made the document available very late: for a long time only the title was known, so the delegates of the other groups had very little time to deal with it. The rest of the criticism was of a substantive nature: the AFD calls in its application, the federal government, to do something about alleged illegal content of the Koran. What, remains unclear. Several speakers criticized the motion to upset Muslims. Many members of the European Parliament pointed out that the Basic Law guarantees religious freedom for all religions. The government should not and should not interfere with the religious practice of individuals. Problems such as premature or attempts at parallel justice are not trivialized but contested.

CDU man asks AfD how she proposes the Quran ban: "Burn or what?"

11.40 am: the last speaker, Ingmar Jung of the CDU, resumes the dispute until the date on which the AfD application took place. In any case, he had not uploaded on Wednesday afternoon and the AFD members of the Legal Committee had not known the application itself. To the parliamentary director of the AFD fraction Baumann he says: "then you send him (the request) maybe to his own faction!" Baumann had claimed to have sent the request to the e-mail on Tuesday. According to some speakers, however, the post was received so late that the deputy offices were no longer occupied on Tuesday evening.

As far as the content of the application is concerned, Jung wonders whether the AfD wants to ban the Koran. "Do not you know what you think – burning or what?" He asks. The app of six pages does not show what the AfD really expected from the federal government.

Castellucci (SPD): "To the foreigners, what you present here every week"

11:31: Lars Castellucci, the SPD spokesperson for the parliament on migration policy, calls the AFD motion "bad, inaccurate, slanderous, excessive". He accuses the AfD of inciting hatred against Muslims for political reasons. "This is for the embarrassment of what you present here every week!" He calls.

As former boss Frauke Petry speaks, AfD Group is silent

11:28: Former Co-AfD chairman Frauke Petry (now unregistered) defends the AfD application, but does not receive applause from her former group. She claims, among other things, that the rule of law has "appropriated" for Sharia.

Christoph de Vries, CDU: "Read the message about the protection of the constitution"

11:22: Christoph de Vries of the CDU calls the AfD application, including "content completely confused" and "hostile". He emphasizes that the federal government takes problems such as Islamist radicalization seriously and defends the rule of law. He recommends the AfD: "Read the message about the protection of the constitution!"

Left compares the AfD application with National Socialist propaganda against Jews

11:16: "Left defends the freedom of religion for all people in this country," said spokeswoman Christine Buchholz. The AfD denigrates Muslims with similar methods as the National Socialists once against the Jews, she says.

SPD man sees AfD as a threat to the rule of law

11:14: The SPD MP John Fechner is of the opinion that AfD politicians such as Curio threaten more the rule of law than Sharia. In Germany, no parallel justice is tolerated – "we have a strong rule of law, and that is a good thing." In Chemnitz 'retirement, politicians marched on the side of right-wing extremists, he says. "First clarify your relationship with right-wing extremism!"

11:09: Again it is the dispute, when the request was made now. The parliamentary director of the AFD faction, Bernd Baumann, claims that the request had already gone to the groups on Tuesday. Until Wednesday afternoon, however, the pages of the Bundestag were read, the application is not yet available in writing. The application, which was made online Wednesday afternoon, was last processed on Wednesday at 2 pm. On Thursday morning, apparently even smaller changes were made. CSU man Hoffmann repeats his accusation that the AfD repeatedly acted unguided in the Legal Commission. Often only the title of AFD applications is known.

11:03: Alexander Hoffmann of the CSU repeats the accusation that the AfD application was submitted late. This is no exception, but in the Legal Committee in cooperation with the AfD the rule. He also criticized the AfD application as superficial. For AfD man Curio he says: "And in the end you do not even have the courage to ask a question." About the allegations of the AfD application he says that a working group on parallel justice exists to solve such problems already worked.

Green woman suffocates AfD application as "full of excitement and racism"

10:58 am: The spokeswoman for the Greens' group, Filiz Polat, criticizes AfD's proposal as "full of hatred language and racism". To the address of the AFD faction she says: "The inquisitiveness of your request is medieval!" She is in favor of a "multi-religious but secular society".

Left holds AFD positions on the rule of law

10:57 am: Friedrich Straetmanns of the left-wing faction only told the AfD about the fact that the group would first have to deal with the liberal basic order of Germany before the parliament was overshadowed with such a "confused application". For example, he points out that the government has a neutrality obligation. It must not affect how people live their religion.

FDP member calls AfD application "Brandsatz"

10:42: The FDP spokesperson Jürgen Martens quotes from the Bible to prove that there are isolated places in many religious scriptures that seem homophobic or unfriendly to women. The application was "actually banishing on Koran," says the FDP deputy. "But that would be so unconstitutional unconstitutional that you do not dare." With the application the AfD throws a "fired in the middle of society, but we will not let you go through it!"

10.37 hours: Sensburg (CDU) tears the AfD application, which is far too undifferentiated and uninformed. It is also unclear what the application actually aims at. "The application is not debatable," he says. Time and again there are sounds from the AFD group. Sensburg once threw it off – with the words: "Now listen, you do not understand it!" With a biting spot, the MP asks whether problematic Quran passages should be blackened.

Greens man gives AfD tutoring about Islam

10:32: Omid Nouripour of the Greens asks a question, but this is more a lesson "Basic Course Islam" to the address of the AFD Group. For example, Nouripour briefly explains that there are various forms of Sharia, some of which are fully compatible with the Basic Law. He also remembers the importance of interpreting the Koran. Thanks to Sensburg for the contribution.

10.31 am: A speaker of the AfD complains, also requests from the Union faction would be made available late. That does not apply to Sensburg. In the legal committee that AfD MEPs had told him just before the debate, they would not know the AfD application themselves.

Sensburg tears the AfD application and refers to FOCUS online articles

10.26 am: Now Patrick Sensburg speaks of the CDU. He complains that the AFD group did not submit their motion to the other parliamentarians until Wednesday afternoon. He also refers to a function of FOCUS Online. The application was changed again by the AfD – in the new version the application was online at 8.50 am on the day of the current debate. – In contrast to Curio, Sensburg offers various questions.

10.23 clock: Time after time, Curio quotes individual Quranic hours without losing a word that says nothing about Islam without context. He claims, among other things, that there is no difference between Islam and Islam and makes Muslim refugees responsible for all kinds of problems such as religious bullying & # 39; and anti-Semitism – and thus of the perpetrator's logic probably obvious: Chancellor Angela Merkel too.

10.20 am: Curio claims that the Koran can radicalize Muslims from childhood. He further claims that Islam is not part of the constitutional state, but combines the cause with social problems such as child marriage and marriage with Islam as a religion. There is of course only applause from the AfD group.

First AfD speaker Curio talks about Islam

10:17: First speaker is the domestic political spokesman for the AfD parliamentary group, Gottfried Curio. He immediately begins with claims to Islam and the Koran. He claims, for example, that Islam has a "low threshold for violence"; What he solves remains open. Curio rejects a question, there are angry interventions from other groups to hear. The AfD politician now rejects further questions.

10:14: According to the meeting plan, the debate is scheduled at 10.15 am.

Anti-Islam debate is typical of AfD parliamentary activities

09:32: From about 10:10 am the Bundestag debates on a draft resolution of the AfD against Islam. In the petition, which was written a little more than half a day before the start of the debate, the party demands, among other things, that the federal government "must take appropriate measures (…) to disseminate illegal content and invocation in the Koran." to prevent". The application does not reveal how the party envisages government action against a particular religion. Likewise, not whether the AfD has also investigated other religious writings on whether formulations are in conflict with applicable laws.

In order to classify the debate, it must be remembered that the parliamentary section of the AfD group works differently from most other groups: Although the members adhere to the parliamentary rules. However, they are not meant to convince other parliamentarians, but use the parliament as a platform to disseminate AfD-typical ideas. The target audience is AfD followers. With regard to Islam, this means that most AfD members spread or at least support their aversion towards this religion and Muslims. More information about the parliamentary work of the AfD, read here for example.

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