Bundesliga: A promise for Dortmund


Paco Alácer leads Frankfurt after his substitution, a 2-1 lead for BVB.
 With the 3: 1 succeeds him something that BVB had previously also the strikers Marcio Amoroso and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang succeeded: namely, with his first shot on goal also equal to mark a goal.
 However, it is questionable whether he can be in the Champions League match on Tuesday evening at Bruges in Belgium. "Unfortunately he hurt himself a bit," says coach Lucien Favre.

       By Ulrich Hartmann, Dortmund



    His league debut was given by Spanish midfielder Francisco 'Paco' Alcácer on Friday night at 21:55. This was probably a very pleasant time for the 25-year-old, because in the city of his former club FC Barcelona, ​​the young people go only at an early hour in the entertainment district. And in Dortmund it is like this: Most people feel in the south of the city in a huge football stadium in which Borussia Dortmund demonstrates its arts.


    When Alcácer came on in the match against Eintracht Frankfurt in the 67th minute, it took only a minute, as Dortmund conceded the 1-1 equalizer. Not wanting to make such a debut, Alácer started the move in the 72nd minute, leading to a 2-1 lead by Marius Wolf, and scored his first in the 88th minute with his first shot on goal Bundesliga goal. Dortmund won 3: 1. Finally, he grabbed his thigh, where he apparently had pulled a strain. The first 26 Bundesliga minutes of the Paco Alcácer contained everything that football can offer.





    Dortmund's coach Lucien Favre had brought three players in the second half between the 58th and 69th minute with Jadon Sancho, Alcácer and Axel Witsel, who saved the victory with their élan, but they were already in the starting lineup can expect. "With us, however, 18 players can play from the beginning," said sports director Michael Zorc afterwards about the high quality of the squad also in width. Favre has decided to leave out Alcácer and Witsel, who are still struggling for their full physical strength. He sat in attack including Wolf against his former club Eintracht Frankfurt and Jacob Bruun Larsen, who had scored four goals in the friendly against Osnabrück.


    Dortmund played controlled offensively, a certain fear of losing the ball and Frankfurt counterattack prevented, however, that the players with more risk and momentum pulled into the opponent's penalty area. After Frankfurt equalizer and substitutions but was another BVB team to see. Especially Alcácer and Sancho suddenly brought much more speed into play. "Substitutes gave us power," said central defender Manuel Akanji. "The three new ones have added momentum," Favre acknowledged. Alcácer put in front of the 2: 1 Sancho, the Wolf hung up the gate. The 3: 1 by a full shot in the corner of Alcácer also prepared Sancho. The British could have been brought earlier, but Bruun Larsen and Wolf justified their nomination as wing-wingers. Bruun Larsen worked a lot and prepared Abdou Diallos 1: 0 by corner. Wolf struggled on the wing, but scored the second goal.


    Finally, Alcácer scored the third goal with BVB's strikers Marcio Amoroso and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who also scored a goal with his first shot on goal. They expect a lot from him, but now it is questionable whether he can be in the Champions League match on Tuesday evening at Bruges in Belgium. "Unfortunately, he hurt himself a bit," said Favre, but knows that he has many alternatives in the squad. For example Mario Götze. The 26-year-old sat down on the bench again on Friday evening and left the stadium wordlessly, only sucking casually on a straw. "We'll see what the next few weeks will bring," says Favre without obligation.


    Götze but will get his bets. Marco Reus also did not play convincingly enough on this position on Friday. "There is much to improve," says Favre in a series of six games in 19 days. The English weeks offer new opportunities for most of the 26 field players in the Dortmund squad.

Three new ones shoot BVB in first place
                        With goals from the access Diallo, Wolf and Alcácer Borussia Dortmund wins 3: 1 against Eintracht Frankfurt and is currently leading the table. Attacker Alcácer may have injured himself.
                    By Ulrich Hartmann