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Bundesliga – 96-Opposition wants to take over child's power – Sport

  • Martin Kind ends as president, but wants to remain CEO and as an investor to acquire the majority in the Bundesliga club Hannover 96.
  • However, the situation is complicated: his opponents could take over the power in the supervisory board.
  • What could possibly cause a rethinking of the sponsor child.

From Carsten Scheele, Hanover

When Martin Kind talks about the "so-called opposition" at Hannover 96, it always sounds like he does not take the group very seriously. As if this was only a marginal phenomenon – surfaced, but certainly soon disappeared again. A bit like the pirate party in politics, which became popular with a lot of noise, but just as quickly became tiny again. If the president is not mistaken.

In Hanover, there will be a general meeting this Saturday, and there are many indications that children will experience a tricky day – because the so-called "opposition" is preparing to take over a large chunk of power in the club. The interest group "Pro Club 1896" could put the majority in the newly elected supervisory board and make it difficult for Kind's work in the future.

One candidate of the opposition is "football god" Carsten Linke

So far, the child representatives in the panel have a thin majority of 3: 2 votes, which has given the president a comfortable power wealth. It could now be over, and the division of the club eaten away by the dispute can still be further advanced.

There will be a turning point, because Kind, 74, will step down after more than 20 years as president of the main club. CEO of the professional football company and some sub-companies (the power network at 96 is complicated), he wants to remain, as well as the main investor and principal financier of the relegation-threatened club, possibly the next expensive restart in league two is imminent.

It becomes trend-setting who inherits child at the top of the club: the new supervisory board may appoint the president. For the child camp and a large part of the department head, the real estate entrepreneur Matthias Herter enters the race, which, while emphasizing his independence, would be the most pleasant successor for a child. Herter has announced that he does not want to interfere in Kind's work on the management side. From him, child would have the least resistance to expect in his plan to take over the majority of the club and for the German Football League to obtain a waiver of the 50 + 1 clause. Among the candidates for the Supervisory Board, which should raise Herter into office, counts Karsten Surmann, captain of the cup winners' squad from 1992, as well as NDR presenter Andreas Kuhnt. Her motto: "Everything stays new."

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Significantly more unpleasant for children would be a victory of the opposition. Then Sebastian Kramer would become the new president, a child critic who was a fan representative for ten years. Also "pro club" sends five contenders for the board in the race, in addition to the former 96-professional and manager Carsten Linke, they call to this day "football god", and the lawyer Ralf Nestler (since 2016 in the body). He is concerned with the "fundamental democratic rights at 96," says Nestler. The members could not have had enough say under the child, and in terms of 50 + 1 the hearing care professional could do what he wanted for years. A decision of the members who wanted to over 50 + 1, was allowed to ignore child. He considered the vote merely as a "recommendation". He also did not hold an extraordinary general meeting of the members in the winter of 2018.

The question would be: does child remain financier even in the event of defeat?

According to the opposition's wishes, the supervisory board should in future be involved in all processes; the general meeting should be the highest club organ. A club was a "democratic entity", also said "football god" Linke: "And if this democracy is not lived, and it will not be at Hannover 96, then something is wrong."

The nervousness in the club is palpable. At the 2018 rally, the child camp tried to brand the opposition as ultras and rioters – in vain. The opposition was well organized, did not lose a single election. Now Nestler is expecting a close race: "The thing is not through!" The child camp was primarily to the active athletes went to convince them. Nestler relies on the secret elections: Many 96s would already hold it with the opposition, but do not dare to say this publicly.

Kind on the other hand emphasizes his merits in the club, without him, Hanover would perhaps bob down inferior. Even child has been annoyed last. For example, when the rumor surfaced, the opposition was planning to use the 50 + 1 critic Andreas Rettig, who had announced his departure from FC St. Pauli, as the new 96-director. Rettig had called him and denied, reports child: "Should the so-called opposition employ such mind games, that would be a clear indication that it is not about the interests of the club, but about influence on professional football at 96."

The question remains as to whether child would continue under an opposition-dominated supervisory board – or whether he would withdraw his money at 96. This scenario also haunts the city. Nestler says that of course, children should remain managing directors, "nothing will change that". And should he actually go, "Pro club" own financiers at hand. On the other hand, one would accept the result, would prevail child's candidate. "No problem," says Nestler. Then the members would have spoken yes.

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