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Budget debate: Labor Minister Hubertus Heil promotes strong welfare state

The Federal Minister of Labor wants to introduce the basic pension for low paid workers planned by the grand coalition in the coming year. Anyone who has long paid into the pension insurance should get more in old age, as if he had not done that, said Hubertus Heil (SPD) in the budget debate of the Bundestag. "That's a matter of respect for life's achievement."
            The basic pension is intended for low-wage earners whose pension entitlements are so low that they remain below the basic social security level without any further support. In their coalition agreement, the Union and the SPD had agreed that low-income earners, who have 35 years of contribution, child or nursing care must show a basic pension of ten percent above the basic security. Heil announced in 2019 also to include self-employed in the statutory pension insurance.
            Heil advocated keeping social security systems stable, especially in times of great uncertainty. Those who do not want "charlatans" to take advantage of citizens' worries must ensure that people can rely on a strong welfare state.
            The AfD, however, contribute to a "wanton destruction of the future," said the CDU MP Matthias Zimmer. "Petty criminals, neo-Nazis and AFD officials form an unholy alliance." As a result, foreign investors would be increasingly deterred and jobs threatened.
Left criticizes social division Left and Greens accused the coalition in the debate to do too little against child and old age poverty. Left-wing leader Katja Kipping called for "courage for basic alternatives" in view of the social division in the country. The FDP gave the coalition unsoundly financed electoral gifts – for example through the mother's pension: "Anyone who believes that he has to pull out his wallet in the challenge with populists will fail," said Johannes Vogel.
            The AfD MP Uwe Witt Heil held a "twisted left ideology" before. The country is in an identity and existential crisis. What is needed is a paradigm shift in refugee policy. Millions of migrants lived from Hartz IV. The CDU social expert Peter Weiß attested Witt and the AfD, content in the social, labor market and pension policy contribute nothing.
            Heil acknowledged that reaching a consensus on long-term pensions was a difficult task. According to the planned measures in 2018 and 2019, the government's pension commission should make proposals for the future in early 2020.


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