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British Parliament forces vote on Brexit alternatives | TIME ONLINE

The British Parliament wants to have a say in how things are done United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum continues. 329 of the MPs in the lower house voted in favor of a motion to enable test votes, 302 voted against. In this way, parliamentarians want to examine on Wednesday, if there are majorities for alternatives to the Brexit Plan of Prime Minister Theresa May.

Alternative plans to May's contract include a closer connection to the EU, such as Norway, or a second referendum on leaving the EU. The PM had previously admitted that there is still no majority in favor of her deal. However, she wanted to continue to advertise and hope that this week find a majority for it. Should the parliament argue for an alternative to their deal, the government does not feel bound by it, May said.

In addition, MEPs rejected a request to ask Parliament in a special session whether to favor a Brexit without agreement or a renewed extension of the withdrawal period if the country were to stand for seven days before a no-deal Brexit.

Before the vote, Secretary of Commerce Richard Harrington resigned. He announced that he would vote for the petition. His resignation had been expected for some time, as he with the course of Theresa May was dissatisfied.

In fact, the UK should leave the EU on 29 March, next Friday. However, due to London's dispute over the Brexit exchange rate, the EU summit granted the British government on Thursday a reprieve. If the British Parliament approves the agreement that May has negotiated with the EU this week, Brexit will be postponed to 22 May.

MEPs rejected the agreement by a large majority on 15 January and 12 March. Without a decision, London would have to inform the EU by 12 April about what to do next. It is about deciding whether the United Kingdom will participate in the European elections at the end of May or not. If you participate, the withdrawal date would have to be postponed again.


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