Britain prepares for more winds after storm Brendan diverts flights


yesForecasters said winds of 60 mph-70 mph could continue to hit northwest Scotland until Tuesday, although it will no longer be classified as the Brendan storm.

Meteorologist Alex Burkill of the Meteorological Office said that a wetter and windier climate will be forecast from the southwest on Tuesday afternoon.

“That is not the Brendan storm. The Brendan storm has moved north at this point,” he said.

“It is not very far, so we are still under its influence, but this new feature that will bring will bring heavy persistent rains in much of the United Kingdom, to be honest, with very strong winds.”

Burkill said the winds were much less likely to reach Monday’s highs of more than 80 mph, but inland areas could be affected by gusts of more than 50 mph.

He added: “For many, tomorrow will be a windier day than today, even though it was named today and not tomorrow.”

Eight flood warnings and 79 alerts issued by the Environment Agency remained in place Monday night.

The Meteorological Office issued a yellow rain warning to cover the southeast on Tuesday, where heavy rains are expected to cause disruptions and flooding of some homes and businesses is “likely.”



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