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Britain coins coin with false Brexit date – economy

  • The British Mint has commissioned a Brexit coin – but long before Britain and the EU agreed on a shift.
  • Therefore, the coins still bear the date originally intended for Brexit: the 29th of March.
  • Coins with blemishes have a high collector value – this could also apply to the Brexit coin.

Anyone who works precisely creates something valuable. That's usually how it is. If the bank consultant knows what the customer wants and what product suits him, the customer is probably satisfied; maybe the counselor will eventually be promoted. If the carpenter builds a closet and then stands straight, that's also good for the value of the cabinet. This is different for coins. The more the embossing goes wrong, the more the coin differs from the norm, the more valuable it normally is.

Due to the postponed date for Britain's exit from the EU, there are now probably very valuable coins on the island. In October of last year, British Finance Minister Philip Hammond announced 50-pence coins on the occasion of Brexit. On them you will see the British Queen Elizabeth II and the inscription "Friendship with all Nations", ie friendship with all countries; also the planned Brexit date. That was until the last of March 29th.

Consumption and trade A coin in honor of the sausage

A coin in honor of the sausage

Berlin coins two curry sausages on a silver coin. Now many ask: Does that have to be? And above all, who invented the Currywurst?By Max Ferstl

The Brexit coin, which should be especially popular with Brexit fans, should actually be sold from this spring on. The Royal Mint, the State Mint of Great Britain, has already completed the first copies of the coin. Of course, the 29th of March is engraved on them. But Britain should leave the EU at the earliest on April 12th. The finished coins were just a test run, how many of them there is not yet known.

Coin collectors take it with humor and post images of other ironic imprints they desire.

Hammond tries not to take the glitch too seriously: "These coins will have a great collector's value," he says. Coins with mistakes are always very popular. Collectors are already tearing coins with the slightest inaccuracies, which are unlikely to attract the attention of those who consider coins only as a means of payment. For example, many fried egg coins are sold on Ebay. Your blemish: For example, the core of two-euro coins has been lost. The usually circular, golden surface is no longer circular, it is more in the shape of a mirrored ice, as it also takes on a part of the edge, which is usually a silver ring of copper and nickel. Fried egg coins are often worth several hundred euros.

False Brexit coin is now politically interpreted

For German coins, the federal eagle is usually on the one- and two-euro coins to see on the 50-cent coins, the Brandenburg Gate. In 2002, the Münchner embossment institution accidentally reversed the motifs – and coined 50-cent coins with a federal eagle on the reverse. Such a coin was auctioned in 2010 for 750 euros.

The wrong date Brexit coin is even interpreted politically: The Mary Creagh of the opposition Labor Party sees the coins with the wrong date as a symbol of the failure of the British government at Brexit. In fact, Treasury Secretary Hammond commissioned the production of the coin to please Brexit fans. If the collectors interpret the coin as Mary Creagh, it may be popular with Brexit opponents.

Economic and financial policy Germany would lose billions during hard Brexit

Germany would lose billions during hard Brexit

A study by the Bertelsmann Foundation shows what impact a British EU exit would have on the remaining member states.By Moritz Zajonz



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