Home news Brigitte Bardot, the Reunionese have kept "their genes of wild"

Brigitte Bardot, the Reunionese have kept "their genes of wild"

Brigitte Bardot, ex-legend of the cinema and militant of the animal cause, denounced with virulence the mistreatment of the animals on Reunion Island. And it did not please at all. – Solal

"Racist", "unworthy", "insulting" … This Tuesday, Brigitte Bardot has attracted the wrath of the ultramarine and metropolitan twittosphere. At issue: the letter she sent to the prefect of
Reunion about animal wandering in the department.

In this letter written Monday and widely relayed on social networks and in the local media, the activist attacks the inhabitants with virulence like no other: "The natives kept their genes [sic] wild, "writes the 84-year-old actress.

"A demonic island"

It evokes pell-mell "reminiscences of cannibalism of past centuries", "a degenerate population still imbued with ancestral customs, barbaric traditions that are their stumps". She still speaks of a "demonic island" and points to the fate supposedly reserved for dogs and cats, as well as the "Tamil Indian festivals with beheadings and goats offering to their gods and whose offal thrown at the sea attracts sharks ".

Suffice to say that these remarks are badly passed, with the policies, among others:

Brigitte Bardot, president of the Foundation of the same name, has already been sentenced five times for incitement to racial hatred. It could be subject to a new complaint. The Minister of Overseas, Annick Girardin, visiting Reunion since Sunday, immediately tweeted: "If this mail is genuine, it calls a clear answer: the prefect of Reunion will deposit tomorrow [mercredi] a complaint to which I will associate myself. Ordinary racism has no place in the debate of ideas. "

What confirmed SOS Racism and the Cran (Council representative of the black associations of Frank) later in the day, indicating, for the first, that she too was going to file a complaint, for the second, that he seized the public prosecutor.

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