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Brexit – May's End – Politics

It is getting lonely around the British Prime Minister, in Brussels she is said to have seemed downright confused. She is the wrong woman in a hell job.

Comment by Cathrin Kahlweit, London

The stories surrounding Theresa May are becoming increasingly gloomy. She had seemed confused in Brussels, is reported; she is resistant to advice and even confuse confidants. One of her closest associates named May's Wednesday night's speech blaming Parliament for Brexit chaos "repugnant." If all ministers resign, a commentator writes, they would hold their sessions alone and shout, "I am the Cabinet."

May wants to lead the country into the contract-free exit, if they do not get their will, report ministers, who have recently talked to her, they develop dictatorial features. She regularly breaks her word and always believes that something other than her own opinion is wrong.

Politics European Union How to proceed after the Brexit decision

How to proceed after the Brexit decision

The Brexit will be postponed at least to the 12th of April. Prime Minister May now has new arguments to bring the treaty through the lower house. And Brussels secures twice.By Matthias Kolb

For days, MPs have been going in and out Downing Street saying, Theresa, step back! But she was as stubborn as a donkey. Soon the "men in gray suits" would have to come and force them, it is said in reference to a Tory delegation, which once persuaded the reluctant Margaret Thatcher to retreat. A columnist of Observer had coined the phrase at that time, and the image is now regularly held May. It is getting lonely for the Prime Minister.

The political business can be cruel. Again and again, individuals are pilloried because it is easier than looking for causes and solutions in a complex system. And yes, it is true that Parliament has not taken a constructive decision to this day which shows a way out of misery.

May is not the person who can balance, moderate, approach others

But May is not the person who can now balance, moderate, and approach others. She is the wrong woman in a hell job. Everyone in Westminster knows this, their party knows that too. But his hands are tied, because May survived an internal vote of no confidence last December in comparatively better times. Now she can not be challenged again by her group for many months.

Her deal, if she puts it to the vote again next week, will fail for the third time in a row. In the eyes of many deputies, the contract remains the worst among many bad solutions. May will continue to fight after that, will continue to lose respect, continue to play alone government. Parliament will take matters into its own hands; it's the only thing that stays. And that means: Ultimately, everything comes down to a long-term shift in Brexit. That would also be so if May could be forced by gentle force of their own people to finally go by itself.

Numerous potential successors are available. Unlikely that it would be ex-Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, he splits the Tories even more than Brexit does. But Environment Minister Michael Gove and Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt, both moderate leavers who can build bridges, are already working hard. A long-term shift in the leaving date, including European elections, which the EU reluctantly offered on Thursday, is not what EU opponents want. But it could be the only viable option. So it's possible that there's a new prime minister before there's a new deal.

Politics United Kingdom The EU enters the final

The EU enters the final

The EU-27 have found a good compromise for the Brexit shift. He guarantees that London chaos will not jeopardize the European elections – and reveals that confidence in May is minimal.Comment by Matthias Kolb



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