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Brexit – May Seeks Supporters for Deadline Extension – Policy

  • On the eve of the Brexit EU summit, British Prime Minister May seeks support in Berlin and Paris for her proposal to extend the deadline.
  • British Government Representative Leadsom proposes changes to the long-established Brexit Agreement and falls on deaf ears.
  • In London, members of the House of Commons and small groups discuss government and opposition representatives.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) believes in the Brexit drama, apparently a shift in Britain's EU exit by the end of 2019 or early 2020 for possible. At the EU special summit on Brexit this Wednesday in Brussels will go to a "Flextension" extension of the withdrawal date, said the Chancellor, according to participants in a meeting of the Union faction in the Bundestag.

Earlier, Merkel had advised for one and a half hours with British Prime Minister Theresa May in the Chancellor's office about the situation. May informed the Chancellor, according to the British government, about the ongoing talks with the opposition for a Brexit compromise. May spoke with Merkel about her request for a Brexit postponement until 30 June, which could also be brought forward if the exit agreement was signed earlier.

There was agreement between the two politicians that a regulated EU exit had to be ensured. Merkel was quoted by participants in the group meeting as saying the British Parliament's approach to admitting no disorderly Brexit "should be conceived as a treasure we should support".

EU Council President Donald Tusk has proposed a flexible extension of up to twelve months. The proposal is also known as "Flextension" or "Flexi-Brexit". The decision will be made on Wednesday night or Thursday night at a special Summit of Heads of State and Government in Brussels. On the eve of the summit, EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier sets the framework for another Brexit postponement. The duration would have to be in line with a renewed extension of the deadline for a British exit from the EU, said Barnier at a meeting of European Union ministers in Luxembourg. "Each extension should serve a purpose, the duration should be relatively objective, our goal is an orderly exit."

In the evening May will travel to Paris for talks with French President Emmanuel Macron. Macron sees another shift in the exit with great skepticism. The European Union can not be permanently "hostage" to a political crisis solution in London, he said recently.

The British Government's Parliamentary Commissioner, Andrea Leadsom, hopes for Merkel's support to get approval from the British Parliament for a Brexit deal: It would be fantastic if Merkel agreed to reopen the withdrawal agreement, Leadsom said. The proposal falls on deaf ears in Brussels and London. The EU has consistently stressed that the exit agreement agreed between the EU and May will by no means be reopened. There is only room for maneuver in the Political Declaration on Brexit.

In London continue to advise the British government and the Labor opposition. Labor had previously criticized that the government insisted on its opinion and did not move. Justice Minister David Gauke, on the other hand, spoke of "constructive" talks. But it is still too early to say whether you come to an agreement. "Flexibility on both sides is needed," Gauke told BBC on Tuesday.

The British Parliament, which has fallen out in the Brexit class, secured a right to vote on the Brexit deadline late Monday night. The controversial law passed on Monday with minor changes to the House of Lords, the House of Commons accepted the changes and the Queen agreed.

On Tuesday afternoon, the House of Commons debates May's proposal to extend the deadline. MEPs have already rejected May's withdrawal agreement with the EU three times. Without contract threatens an unregulated exit from the EU. Such a hard Brexit would have massive economic consequences, above all for Great Britain, but also for Europe.

Politics European Union May and Merkel have to explore where it is stuck

May and Merkel have to find out where it is stuck

The Chancellor receives Britain's Prime Minister in Berlin. The latter hopes for another Brexit postponement. For Merkel the appointment is a tightrope walk.By Daniel Brössler



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