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Brexit: May before the fall? – Politics

  • According to British media reports, Prime Minister Theresa May is about to be replaced.
  • Many members of their cabinet are reportedly preparing their fall. Interim head of government could become vice-premier David Lidington.
  • He is to explore a new Brexit course and make way for a permanent PM in the fall.

In the Brexit chaos, British Prime Minister Theresa May is coming under increasing pressure. According to British media, she may soon have to give up her post. With reference to government circles, several of them report that May may soon be forced to resign from their cabinet by speculation.

The Times There are already plans to make Vice-Premier David Lidington the interim head of government. He should therefore explore a new course for the EU exit and make room for a permanent Prime Minister in autumn. Lidington was under May's predecessor David Cameron among others from 2010 to 2016 European Minister. The Times appealed to eleven unnamed government members who allegedly want to overthrow May.

Great Britain

Hundreds of thousands demonstrate in London against Brexit

In the Daily Mail It is said that Environment Minister Michael Gove has come into play as a successor to May. He is considered to be particularly well connected and is one of the most vehement advocates of Brexit. The BBC reports that May's office has rejected proposals for May to resign or hand over important tasks to its ministers.

Just a few days before the planned Brexit appointment, the prime minister is facing a third vote defeat in parliament. Twice, in mid-January and mid-March, she had already crashed there with the agreement she had negotiated with the EU. While the EU agreed to postpone the EU's exit, in London the Conservatives' patience with their prime minister is probably at an end.

May put pressure on her deputies with a letter. The letter states that parliamentarians may not vote for the third time on the Brexit agreement. She would only submit the deal to the vote if there was sufficient support. Otherwise Britain would have to ask Brussels for another respite, which would mean participating in the European elections.

Parliament President John Bercow had already pointed out that the lower house should not vote for the third time on the same deal. This violates a 415-year-old rule, according to which a bill may not be arbitrarily often put to the vote.

If Parliament approves the agreement at the third attempt, Britain will leave the EU in an orderly manner on 22 May. But if there is a third no, London must declare by 12 April how to proceed – and the other EU countries must approve the plan. A shift by several months would be conceivable, linked for example to a new election in the United Kingdom.

"They have lost control of this process"

At the same time, the resistance of the Brexit opponents in the country continues to grow on the streets: On an anti-Brexit demo in London, more than one million people from all parts of Great Britain took part on Saturday, according to the organizer People's Vote. It was one of the biggest demos in the history of the country. The police gave no estimate of the number of participants.

There was also criticism of May at a rally to end the march in front of the House. "Prime Minister, you have lost control of this process, you're throwing the country into chaos, let the people take control," said the deputy chief the opposition Labor Party, Tom Watson. The organizers call for a second referendum to allow citizens to vote on the final Brexit deal.

Meanwhile, an online petition for Britain's EU fate is becoming a hit and heading for five million signatories. At times, the website was paralyzed because of the onslaught. Parliament must consider the content of each petition with more than 100 000 signatories for debate.

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Brexit fighter Theresa May

Lady Gaga

Some call it "resistance", others "insanity". What Prime Minister Theresa May wants can not even be said by herself. Nevertheless, she always goes on.By Cathrin Kahlweit



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