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Blackpink breaks Youtube record with new K-pop video – Culture

  • The K-pop band Black Pink has broken several Youtube records with a new music video.
  • The video was called 56.7 million times in just 24 hours, overtaking Ariana Grande.
  • Nevertheless, in the fast-moving world of K-Pop, Blackpink are almost among the veterans.

Four women stand in a cathedral reminiscent of an empty Yves Saint Laurent store in their mix of metal and white marble. On the wall emblazoned with Spanish trumpets hybrid of grille and church organ. There are brass fanfares, in the bass cellar a muscular 808 growls like a leash. The band chants, as in most intros of their songs, the battle cry "Blackpink in your area". And so, after just a few seconds, the promise of rioting and endorphin discharge is formulated. It is absolutely respected.

The korean girl group Black Pink has broken several records on the video platform Youtube with the music video for her new single "Kill This Love". In the first 24 hours, the video was clicked 56.7 million times, surpassing the previous record of Ariana Grandes Ode "thank u, next". The second record was not long in coming; just 62 hours to go: In less than three days, the clip reached 100 million views over the weekend. Youtube records are nothing new for the Korean quartet. In January, the "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du" clip became the most-watched music video in a K-pop band; Currently he is standing at 745 million clicks.

The new single "Kill This Love" is about ending a toxic relationship before it destroys one. The ever-valid clay-stone-shards mantra "Break what destroys you" also applies in K-pop and is transferred from the political to the private sphere. It's one of those songs where you want a sledgehammer in your hands to destroy anything.

Arrived in the mainstream of the West

According to K-Pop standards, "Kill This Love" is not unusual in sound and visual aesthetics. Rather, the piece follows the recipe for success, which the group perfected with its overproducer Teddy Park in "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du". But this is just another example of the irresistible appeal emanating from the character and quote storm of a K-pop music video.

There, after the cathedral intro, the group's two female rappers begin to chew on synths what they can do. Jessie sits enthroned on a black and white pair of swans, whose assembled heads form the shape of a heart. Lisa starts with a quote from the rap director The Notorious B.I.G. – "Kick in the Door" – and literally enters a door: to a walk-in cereal box.

After last year's global success of the boy band BTS, which brought them to before the UN General Assembly, Korean pop seems to arrive in the mainstream of the West as well. Blackpink is now the first girl group to embark on a global tour of the Hallyu Korean Wave with the support of Universal Music and its social networking fan base to conquer the West.

Badass attitude instead of innocence cult

In the fast-paced world of K-Pop, the group is certainly one of the veterans. Since their debut in 2016, for which the members trained between four and six years in the boot camps of probably the most stylish K-pop label YG, the group with its well-dosed mixture of dance pop and trap rhythms belongs to the spearhead in K-pop. Cosmos. While other Korean girl groups often cultivate an image of innocence or lasciviousness, Blackpink bribed from the start with a cool badass attitude that, just as relaxed as it is perfectionist, does not lose its playfulness. The shopping bags dangle from the gun barrel of the diamond-studded tank.

In "Kill this Love", the fanfares of the intro are brought to you just before the chorus, but the song is now doing what no one knows as well as K-pop artists: all of a sudden, the mood and register of the track change. This tension-enhancing break is always the moment for the two singing divas at Blackpink. Jisoo thus leads an expanded tableau vivant from the record cover to Janelle Mona's "Dirty Computer", before Rosé races into tears in the car, rushing towards her own reflection and providing the audience with a few phantom pains for the chorus.

And then, after volleys from the snare drum, finally: the fanfares from the beginning are back and the refrain is there. Blackpink dance in Lara Croft costume in a ruin and call for the killing of love. In front of the head of an antique woman – Aphrodite apparently had to believe it already – the queens of universal onomatopoeia imitate a military march. Just 90 seconds have passed.

At the end of May, this intoxication may take a bit longer in this country as well: Blackpink will be giving their first German concert in Berlin.

Pop The Conquest of the West

The conquest of the West

Fans of K-pop flocked to the cinema for a day to celebrate a concert film by South Korean boy band BTS. What is behind the hype? A visit.By Jakob Maurer



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