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Better to shut up more often | TIME ONLINE

At the cloakroom show the
first airs. 1.50 Euro we should pay per piece of clothing. Excuse me? Know that
not that we are the stars here? We: the 1,056 lay singers who are today
Evening in the Elbphilharmonie in front of as many listeners. Gather
The NDR choir, who is singing his project Singing for the eighth time!
organized, so far in Michel, on Saturday for the first time in Hamburg's new
Cultural landmark.

Most of us sing regularly
in choirs, their quality from stage-suitable to at least entertaining
enough. The ladies' choir that I'm in the habit of dubbing also appears in public: once a year, in front of an audience of relatives, friends or otherwise from
persons dependent on us, whom we submerge before the first sound for safety's sake
Put alcohol. Someone like me in the most ruthless concert hall
Germany, on which even star tenor Jonas Kaufmann – allegedly – failed recently? What is going to go wrong?

In the Great Hall of the elbphilharmonie the basses and tenors share the auditorium, the right singers sing
Alto parts, top left we have sopranos. My neighbor to the right is common
traveled with her husband from near Ulm and has been living since the first rehearsal
her daughter. This sample was two weeks ago. To make amends
the parents walk the dog of the daughter regularly.

Marion, who applied to her husband last August, is already sitting ten minutes to my left
the start of sales for Singing! sitting at the computer to get her a card. Because the tickets
were at least as coveted as normal Elbphilharmoniekarten. 4000
People wanted to sing along, at least as many (brave) listen. The
Female voices were sold out immediately, the men had a little longer
Time. However, which led to some alto singers as
Tenors spent to get to the train yet. As if a thousand-headed choir is not
already difficult enough to organize anyway.

Sitting neighbor Marion becomes my vocal support.
She has practiced in addition to rehearsals with her fellow choirs and meets every sound, and
even at the right time. When Marion takes a breath, I too can breathe. If
she scratches her nose, so do I, for safety's sake.

Even secret counting does not help anymore

A wrong use, with
Fervor and self-overestimation in the middle of a quarter break
but could not prevent Marion. Which is why choral singing is not just about getting the exact right tone, but about the key
Moment to shut up.

Because of Klaas Stok, the
new chief conductor of the NDR choir, compiled program has nothing to do with a harmless High on the yellow car
to do. We 1,056 stars unanimously call it "demanding". Both Benjamin Britten and the Hungarian Zoltán Kodály like to chase their soprano voices at high altitudes,
in which dogs are slowly becoming clairaudient. Edward Elgar keeps his singers rhythmic
so moving that even secret counting no longer helps. And the
Latvian composer Pēteris Vasks has not yet told anyone that too
Choir singers would like to breathe every now and then.

For safety, the NDR choir
as well as students of the Hamburger Musikhochschule sing along. They take over some
the harder games, but what our ego does a bit
ankratzt. Dreigestrichenes C? Where, please, is this the problem? (Except one
a few cracked windows.)

As Klaas Stok in the Elbphilharmonie finally the first use
There and the male voices Britten Te
We are all impressed: Damn, we sound good! Almost too
Well. We hear the sopranos from the rank opposite sopranos, as if they were next to
sit us.

In the end, we clap our encore ourselves

"Familial" is what my soprano colleague calls
Sabina this acoustics. She has comparative values, after all she has been riding for ten years
Years from one sing-along event to the next. Paris, Riga, Salzburg, Vienna – everywhere
she already sang. It is regular in Leipzig, Halle is the next station
on the program: George Frideric Handel Messiah.
"They do that every year." To sing in the Elbphilharmonie, she has
taken extra vacation and came from Freiburg.

Sabina was one of the few to dress: a long black evening gown. The woman is the pro
among us lay people. Before she really starts, she takes a step back. That's what she made out with the singer in front of her
Consideration. "I have the volume," she says with a shrug.
Restraint? Does not qualify for them: "I am not to mouth
came here."

Sabina belongs to a small one
Circle of hardcore singers. Meanwhile, we know each other and helps each other
each other when saving tickets. Because singing can be addictive. If I have it
did not mention: we really sound really good. Britten and Elgar
we lay down at the performance almost injury-free. After the beautiful
Spiritual song by Johannes Brahms
Marion and I compare the goose bumps on our arms. Josef Gabriel Rheinberger Confitebor could
Next time I leave out of it, Vasks is spherical Dona nobis pacem my personal highlight
at night. (The concert is to be followed up for at least another month on
the website of the NDR

Not only the spectators are satisfied
with us, also Maria Oehmichen from the NDR choir, the Singing! it is organized.
We were better prepared and sounded better than ours
Predecessor of the previous seven concerts, she will say the next day.

We think so too. In the end are
We are so excited about our performance that we give ourselves an encore

This is an article from the Hamburg department of the ZEIT. Here you will find more news from and about Hamburg.


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