Home news Benjamin Netanyahu announces reaction to missile attack | TIME ONLINE

Benjamin Netanyahu announces reaction to missile attack | TIME ONLINE

After a new missile strike near the Israeli coastal town of Tel Aviv, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced a "powerful" reaction. "A criminal attack has been committed against the state of Israel and we will respond with force," the PM said in a video message posted by his bureau, while announcing his intention to shorten his US visit. "Because of the security incidents" he would after the meeting with US President Donald Trump that evening immediately after Israel return "to direct the operations close up".

A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip had a house north of Monday morning Tel Aviv met. According to police, the house in the community of Mischmeret was set on fire – seven people were injured, including three children. In the Israeli community settlement, there was a rocket alarm shortly before the impact.

Immediately thereafter, Israel ordered the closure of the border crossings into the Gaza Strip and the restriction of the fishing zone off the coast.

Militant Palestinians often fire rockets at the border area around the Gaza Strip. However, it is unusual for a projectile to hit so far from the coastline. Mischmeret is a good 100 kilometers from the Palestinian Territory.

Protests in Gaza

Most recently, the conflict between the Israeli government and the
Hamas aggravates. On the border with Israel there are again some violent protests. Had on sunday evening
Israeli tanks according to army posts of Hamas in the
Palestinian area shot at. Militant Palestinians have previously
Missiles with explosives sent to Israel and soldiers at the
Bound with explosives.

At the same time, residents of the Gaza Strip are protesting against the governing Hamas there. Above all they criticize the economic situation, the organization rejects the rallies.

The clashes and the surprise attack on the town Mischmeret took place in the middle of the Israeli election campaign, two weeks before the parliamentary election. Already on March 14, there had been a Palestinian rocket attack on Tel Aviv – the first since the Gaza war in 2014.
The radical Islamic Hamas in the Gaza Strip said afterwards,
 it was a mistake. Known for the attack on Monday morning
no one at first

Since the protests began a year ago, more than 260 Palestinians have been killed and thousands injured, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health on the border with the Gaza Strip. Among other things, the demonstrators call for an end to the more than a decade-long blockade of the Palestinian territory on the Mediterranean, which is creating Israel's security interests. Around two million people live in difficult conditions in the narrow coastal section. There is a lack of drinking water and electricity, among other things.



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