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Benalla case: the "couple of the Contrescarpe" sentenced to every 500 euro fine

PILOT – The couple, whose molestation by Alexandre Benalla and Vincent Crase on 1 May 2018, Place de la Contrescarpe, a few months later got underway, the case that shook power in the heart of the summer, escaped a prison sentence, Friday 8 February.

The parquet on Friday condemned Chloé P. and Gerogios D., the couple who was molested by Alexandre Benalla and Vincent Crase, on 1 May 2018, place de la Contrescarpe, each 500 euro fine. They were accused of violence against police officers, to whom they had thrown various objects, including a decanter and an ashtray, while the demonstration of Labor Day degenerated on this site of the 5th district of Paris. Their violent arrest, filmed and then spotted by Le Monde, formed the basis of the Benalla affair.

The Greek salesman and the French graphic designer admitted throwing projectiles at the police station on Place de la Contrescarpe in Paris, in the Latin Quarter, where a rally had degenerated after a traditional day of demonstrations that had been enamelled with violence. In her indictment the prosecutor condemned, who is surprised by the "media attention" that is awakened by a "small file", "serious and intolerable facts" of the two defendants, which she did not understand why they remained on the spot while things degenerated after the demonstration.

"We have totally lost control"

Georgios D. expressed his regret: "We are not like that, we are not, it hurts, our couple, the people we love, we apologize publicly." In her account of the facts, her companion Chloe P. admits that he "completely lost control" after his companion had "taken a blow from the baton" just after the arrival of the CRS-place Contrescarpe.


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