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Benalla case. Macronie does not like the Senate doing its job

In a France that is going through a profound democratic crisis, the decision taken by an institution as decisive as the Senate sounds individually. And it disinfects some of Macronie's stale air. In deciding on Thursday to forward the cases of Alexandre Benalla, Vincent Crase, Alexis Kohler, Patrick Strzoda and General Lavergne to the prosecution following the conclusions of the commission of inquiry of the High Assembly, the Senate office testified "of the sovereignty and freedom of this assembly", exclaims Éric Bocquet, PCF senator and member of that office. A decision that comes in the wake of a new judicial proceeding against Alexandre Benalla. The former collaborator Emmanuel Macron was in fact convened on Wednesday at the tribunal de grande instance in Paris. He came up with a new indictment for "unauthorized transportation and possession of category B weapons" in the case of the selfie that shows him with a firearm and to "interfere in the exercise of a public office "And" voluntary violence in a meeting without incapacity "in that of the violent arrest of 1 May last.

For Gérard Larcher, it is "the right, nothing else than the right, all the right"

The case continues to shake the executive, who probably did not expect the Senate, where the LR parliamentarians are in the majority, to go to the end of its procedure. Reports are also a precedent since the chief of staff of Emmanuel Macron himself, Patrick Strzoda, and Vincent Crase, squad leader in the national gendarmerie operational reserve, are both suspected of perjury while they were speaking "under oath (… ) before the commission of the laws attributed to the prerogatives attributed to the commissions of inquiry ", specifies the office of the Senate in a statement. The general secretary of Eliseo, Alexis Kohler, and General Lionel Lavergne, head of the presidency security group, are among them the collaborators of Emmanuel Macron whose statements will be forwarded to the public prosecutor. Decisions that immediately triggered the ire of the Macronian sphere. The delegate general of the Republic in progress (LaREM), Stanislas Guerini, has also denounced "a political process" of the Senate "against the Elisi", followed by the leader of the senators LaREM, Francois Patriat, who sees a "manifest will of an alliance of socialists and "republicans" to undermine the executive and avenge an electoral defeat that they never accepted ". Hervé Marseille, president of the centrist group in the Senate, followed the example, saying that questioning "a number of officials at the highest level of the state (…) went too far," admitting that "he was the honor of the Senate to monitor the executive as did the commission of inquiry ". A tug of war that hardened on Thursday, when Senator Jean-Pierre Sueur (PS) recalled that the Senate inquiry commission was not "in a political problem" but acting "In framework of the Constitution ", the president (LaREM) of the National Assembly, Richard Ferrand, canceled his presence at the joint conference with the President of the Senate, Gérard Larcher, scheduled for March 22 at Sciences-Po Lille. And even if this last specified, following the decision of the Assembly office, to be "at war against anyone" and who was "the right, nothing else than the right, everything the righteous ", this was not enough to calm the anger of the executive because the prime minister" decided not to go "on Thursday to the Senate government, as a sign of disagreement with his office's decision, considered as an act "politically" low and morally very serious "by government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux. While the majority could have welcomed the role of the upper house and its independence, in order to restore confidence in discredited democratic bodies, has chosen to throw oil on fire, as shown by the comments of the deputy Aurore Bergé for whom the institutions have been "diverted in favor of a political process". This is the "right and duty" of the Senate to have taken justice, replied the senator and of the PCF Fabien Gay, "all the rest is just comments and attitudes".

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