Home news Because Michael Bentt took part in the "losers" of Netflix

Because Michael Bentt took part in the "losers" of Netflix

The former WBO heavyweight champion chatters deeply about his life and career

If you looked at the new Netflix documentary series Losers, you will have c0me through the story of Michael Bentt.

In a career of 13 fights, the former heavyweight boxer won the world title by beating the late Tommy Morrison in 1993.

But this was also a professional career that began and ended in defeat.

However, these days he is an actor among other adventures, in which he appears Ali. Well, he joined tonight Off The Ball to tell us about his compelling story.

"I resented this"

But he also explained why he took the opportunity to be in a documentary titled Losers.

"I was like this for the sake of trying, because in my experience, you don't get to a place of triumph or success without experiencing the depth of failure or failure," he explained.

Interestingly, despite his talent, boxing was just something he had fallen into despite his disinterest.

"I liked the camaraderie of boxing, but I won't be told what to do and that was my father's thing," he said.

"He didn't want to teach me, he wanted to dominate me, it's another kind of functionality, I've always rejected it."

Bentt then touched that difficult relationship with his father.

"My father always thought of me as his mascot," he said.

"Like his little trophy and I resented it."

Describing his father as charismatic, he also added that "everything had to be his way".

In the full interview, Bentt continues to discuss the ups and downs before and after becoming world champion.

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