Home news BD: The price of Christian comics puts youth albums in the spotlight

BD: The price of Christian comics puts youth albums in the spotlight

Scandal in Jerusalem,
from Coolus, Birus and Elvine, Éditions des Béatitudes, 48 ​​p., € 13.90

Jesus in comics,
by Bénédicte Jeancourt-Galignani, Laurence Cross, Li-An,
Bayard Editions, 112 p., € 19.90

It is therefore the strip "Scandal in Jerusalem" that received the international prize of the Christian comic on Tuesday, January 8, which was awarded annually to Angouleme during the international festival of the comic strip (FIBD).

After "White Night in Bethlehem" and "Galileo, a turning business" this album concludes a trilogy that tells the gospel faithfully, with crazy humor and characters replaced by animals. Typical youthful album with its bright colors and humorous design, it can also occasionally smile an adult audience. The jury also emphasized this "Unusual humor"but also the "Dynamics" from the album.

Behind this crazy trilogy are two priests from the Diocese of Perpignan, members of the Glorious Cross Community, who draw under the pseudonyms of Coolus and Birus. The drawing was made by illustrator Elvine. The "Blue Rabbit", fetish character and red thread of the trilogy, also appears in the hilarious series "Which parishioner are you?", Satire well sketched of the life of the parish communities.

"Jesus in comics" and "François" also awarded

The jury of Christian comics, chaired by Father Michel Manguy, predecessor-dean of Angoulême, also presented a "Special Youth Prize" for another gospel in child portraits, "Jesus in Comics", published by Bayard (who also edited The cross). An album that is distinguished by a real work by the authors to tell the life of Christ, even to fill a few blind spots of the original story. The jury particularly welcomed "The format, the refined drawings and the colors".

It is surprising that the jury rewarded two albums with similar themes, in a first selection of 13 albums with a particularly interesting variety.

In addition to these two youth albums, a special mention is given to the beautiful comic strip "François", which tells the story of Jorge Bergoglio, who became Pope Francis. A rhythmic biography, informative and beautifully drawn.

Gauthier Vaillant

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