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Sports budget for Thursday 7 February 2019

Updated at 23:00 EST (0400 UTC)

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^ Bryce Miller: caricature legend Paul Lowe could use a break these days <

FBN-MILLER-COLUMN-SPORTSPLUS: SD – Ask Paul Lowe why? You rushed to his house because he said on the phone that he understood how he felt Junior Seau. You hastily contacted his niece, because he mentioned the possession of a gun.

You warned one of his former teammates of the Chargers and close confidants because Lowe said that an NFL representative, worried about the same obscure thoughts of a few weeks ago, kept him online until the police arrived to check it.

Do you ask why Lowe, a former American Football League MVP and one of the most solid roots in San Diego's only major football league, is letting depressed and deficient people slip?

950 of Bryce Miller in San Diego. MOVED


^ Frank Robinson, Hall of Famer and the first manager of the great black league, dies at 83 <

ROBINSON-OBIT-1ST-LEDE: LA – The outfielder Frank Robinson of the Hall of Fame, the only major leaguer to be named the most valuable player in both the national and US leagues and the first African-American to manage in major leagues, he died Thursday in Los Angeles after a long illness, according to Major League Baseball. He was 83 years old.

Robinson rose from the sands of Oakland to become one of the most feared baseball fanatics: his 586 unit runs in tenth place on the all-time baseball list.

1900 by Mike DiGiovanna in Los Angeles. (Moved as a national story). MOVED


^ Sixers exchanges Markelle Fultz with Magic for Jonathan Simmons, preliminary choices <

BKN-76ERS-FULTZ: PHI – No surprises here.

The 76ers traded Markelle Fultz with Orlando Magic in exchange for Jonathan Simmons, a choice of the second round of 2019 and a first round-20 of 2020, a confirmed championship source. The second rounder will be the most favorable of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Houston Rockets and the Magic. The first protected rounder will come from Oklahoma City Thunder.

Fultz, the former first-round selector, needs a new start on a team that will make him the starting point.

300 of Keith Pompey in Philadelphia. MOVED


^ Vick to get absences from Kansas; mom says it's necessary in Memphis <

BKC-KANSAS-VICK: KC – Kansas guard Lagerald Vick will take leave of the team, with immediate effect, the KU basketball coach Bill Self announced on Thursday evening.

"Lagerald has some personal issues that require his immediate attention and he will take a leave from our team," said Self in a statement. "During this time, we will respect Lagerald's privacy: there is no timetable for his return".

Vick's mum, La Vick, told The Star on Thursday night that Vick will return to his home in Memphis, Tennessee, to help out with family problems.

250 by Gary Bedore in Lawrence, Kan. MOVED



^ Phil Rosenthal: DH or no DH, it's time for Major League Baseball to decide once and for all <

^ BBO-ROSENTHAL-COLUMN: TB- <And you thought team games took too long?

Here it is, 46 years after the American League has adopted the designated hitter and Major League Baseball continues to dither over if the National League pitchers should take a bat and take their cuts to the pot.

Or make the National League face DH or hit the American League pitchers, but choose one and move on.

How is it possible that baseball is still struggling with this?

750 by Phil Rosenthal. MOVED


^ Gabriel Burns: Braves favorites are competing in NL East? <

BBN-BURNS-COLUMN: AT – The more I look, the more I am convinced that there is no more competitive division from top to bottom than the National League East. This is not exactly a hot take, but a week from spring training, it is clear that there are four contenders in the once malleable division.

Washington, Philadelphia and New York have been busy this winter, while the Braves have issued more moderation. Defending champions, of course, have however added one of the best batsmen in the game and have a large amount of young people who expect to continue growing.

900 by Gabriel Burns in Atlanta. MOVED

^ The Phillies conclude the trade for JT Realmuto of Marlins, renounces Sixto Sanchez and Jorge Alfaro

BBN-PHILLIES-REALMUTO-MARLINS: PHI – The Phillies have concluded a business on Thursday afternoon with the Marlin to acquire J.T. Realmuto.

The trade – whose details have been reported for the first time by ESPN – will send the Phillies to send Jorge Alfaro, the best pitcher Sixto Sanchez and Will Stewart, the left-wing player of the minor league, in Miami. The Phillies will also send the Marlins slot machine to spend on the international free agent market.

Realmuto is the best catcher in baseball and is under the club's control for the next two seasons.

300 by Matt Breen in Philadelphia. MOVED


^ Bryce Harper, Manny Machado in pinstripe? Hal Steinbrenner says never say <

BBA-YANKEES-HARPER-MACHADO: ND – The Yankees are still unlikely to sign Manny Machado or Bryce Harper. But the man who signs the checks said that he does not exclude it just because he does not rule anything until he is forced to do so.

Hal Steinbrenner, speaking on Thursday at the owners' meetings at Orlando's Waldorf Astoria, said that if general manager Brian Cashman came up with a proposal to add a big-ticket player, he would listen.

Manager Aaron Boone said at the start of this week that he thought the roster was over for 2019. Maybe not, Steinbrenner said.

750 by Anthony Rieber in Orlando, Florida

^ John Romano: baseball changes should and should not be <

^ BBO-ROMANO-COLUMNS: PT- <The home record of baseball career was established by Babe Ruth in 1935. It remained up until 1974 before Henry Aaron broke it, and then again until 2007 when Barry Bonds broke it .

The career record of the NFL was set by Cliff Battles in 1937. He stood up until 1941 when Clarke Hinkle broke it, and has since been eclipsed by another 220 backs.

The point is simple. Although the world and other sports have changed, baseball has remained remarkably coherent for almost a century.

750 by John Romano. MOVED


^ Hunter Pence hopes to extend the career of MLB with the Rangers of his hometown, signs an agreement with the minority <

^ BBA-RANGERS-PENCE: FT- <Hunter Pence is coming home, potentially.

The Texas Rangers signed the former Arlington High School and the UT star Arlington to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training. Pence, a former All-Star outfielder, is a 12-year-old veteran who turns 36 on April 13th.

The Rangers seem to have their starting set, but Pence could fill a bench and serve as an example as the type of player manager Chris Woodward wants young players to be.

250 by Jeff Wilson. MOVED


^ Scott Lauber: Phillies Business for J.T. Real-time signals that are expected to make playoff this year <

^ BBN-LAUBER-COLUMN: PHI- <The reconstruction is over.

After wandering for 7 years in the baseball desert, the Phillies expect to return to the playoffs in 2019. Incremental progress is a thing of the past. It is postseason or bust.

The team officials did not actually say those words, but their Thursday actions speak loudly and clearly. The Phillies have acquired the all-star catcher J.T. Realmuto of Miami Marlins in a trade that includes Sixto Sanchez, the best of the ranking, and is the kind of move that the teams do not do unless they are all-in to win.

850 by Scott Lauber. MOVED


^ Tim Cowlishaw: the rules changes proposed by MLB are generally good, but probably the championship is making a mistake <

^ BBO-COWLISHAW-COLUMN: DA- <It's the top of the tenth inning – time to send a runner to the second base to start the innings.

It can never really happen in Major League Baseball, right?

With the rule that the league is arguing with the players' union, I would say that it is better to be careful. You never know for sure.

450 by Tim Cowlishaw. MOVED

^ The left-handed James Paxton excited to join the Yankees, excited by the pressure to win <

BBA-YANKEES-PAXTON: ND – James Paxton was a significant part of the "all must go" out of season, the Mariners, and had nothing bad to say about the organization he had invented. But the left-handed used the word "excited" several times in describing his thoughts on joining a team whose goals and expectations of 2019 could not be more different than those of Seattle.

"I feel like I'm playing with the Yankees you should win," said Paxton on Thursday after training in their minor league complex, where he was a frequent presence.

500 by Erik Boland in Tampa, Florida

^ The royals add to the bullpen by officially signing Brad Boxberger <

BBA-ROYALS-BOXBERGER: KC – The Royals have officialized the addition of Brad Boxberger right-handed pitcher to help solidify the back-end of what was the worst American League bullpen last season. Former American League All-Star with Tampa Bay, Boxberger signed a one-year deal with the Royals.

Boxberger received a $ 2.2 million deal with incentives of up to $ 1 million, a source told The Star. Boxberger offers the Royals another option in someone who has experience of big-league closing games.

150 of Lynn Worthy in Kansas City, Mo. MOVED


^ NFL <

^ Dieter Kurtenbach: Raiders' owner Mark Davis tried to pull the same trick twice failing <

^ FBN-KURTENBACH-COLUMN: SJ- <The dreams of the Raiders of a stay in San Francisco seem dead.

The only question now is if team owner Mark Davis swallows his pride and his team play the 2019 season at Levi & # 39; s Stadium – home of the 49ers – or at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, or if he suddenly pushes his team out of the region altogether.

In the midst of the public opposition of prominent politicians in San Francisco, the NFL should not highlight a move for the Raiders to play a final season of the Bay Area at Oracle Park, home of the Giants.

1050 by Dieter Kurtenbach. MOVED

^ LaDainian Tomlinson on Elliott: "Zeke earned a new contract" with Cowboys <

^ FBN-COWBOYS-TOMLINSON-ELLIOTT: FT- <LaDainian Tomlinson did not hesitate when asked if the Dallas Cowboys should give Ezekiel Elliott an extension of the contract for this offseason.

"Here's the thing: Zeke has earned a new contract," said Tomlinson, the running back of the Hall of Fame, which is now an analyst of the NFL network.

"People talk about projections and how many more years it can be (be productive). It's not a question of that." It is about what the boy has earned. Zeke brought that team to two division titles in the last three years. League that has been running for two years in his short career. "

850 by Drew Davison. MOVED


^ GM garments Brett Veach tries to reduce Patrick Mahomes' basketball games

^ FBN-CHIEFS-MAHOMES-VEACH: KC- <Like many fans of bosses, general manager Brett Veach saw the viral video of Patrick Mahomes' pickup basketball moves and worried.

The fear of injury to the NFL's Most Valuable Player led Veach to call Mahomes' agent, Leigh Steinberg.

"As soon as I saw it, it probably took me about 2 seconds to call his agent and tell him it was a big no-no," Veach told Soren Petro of WHB (810 AM) on Thursday.

"The Kingdom can be sure that we are under control: no more basketball for Pat".

450 by Pete Grathoff and Brooke Pryor. MOVED


^ NBA <

^ Bob Ford: adding Tobias Harris, the Sixers really exchange the future possibilities for a title to try right now <

^ BKN-FORD-COLUMN: PHI- <To understand any trade, including the big one performed at the beginning of Wednesday by the Sixers with Tobias Harris as the fulcrum, you have to look at it from both sides. The Los Angeles Clippers did not just get tired of Harris, or they decided to give him a gift to put the 76ers over the top this season. This could be the result, but neither the head of the front office Lawrence Frank nor the trainer Doc Rivers had in mind the charity when the agreement was reached.

900 by Bob Ford. MOVED


^ Arash Markazi: how the excruciating death of his transgender brother shaped the new Laker Reggie Bullock <

BKN-MARKAZI-COLUMN: LA – It was not the trade that Lakers fans wanted to see, but it is one that will grow to love.

After an embarrassing loss of 42 points against the Indiana Pacers, the Lakers made a move before the trade deadline to improve their team. Sorry, no, Anthony Davis was not involved.

Instead, the Lakers traded Svi Mykhailiuk and a second draft pick at the Detroit Pistons for Reggie Bullock.

Lakers fans may be excused for being disappointed and running for the Google Bullock name.

800 by Arash Markazi in Los Angeles. MOVED


^ While the Lakers lose Anthony Davis, LeBron James does not feel like he's chasing something <

BKN-LAKERS: LA – The Lakers have shown a sense of urgency during their failed negotiations with the New Orleans pelicans, willing to offer important resources to acquire Anthony Davis in a trade, with a keen eye to the age of their superstars. LeBron James, who shares an agent with Davis, turned 34 in December. If the Lakers have to wait until the free agency to acquire Davis, it will not be until James is 36 years old.

But a few hours before the trade deadline, James was asked if he felt a sense of urgency, given his age.

1000 by Tania Ganguli and Broderick Turner in Boston. MOVED


^ The NBA has changed its lottery project. Here's how it works now. <

^ BKN-LOTTERY-RULES: TB- <C & # 39; was a long time ago, not long ago, when NBA teams actually tried to win every game. No joke!

Then LeBron James arrived.

After the Cavaliers added a monarch in the 2003 draft, more and more teams tried to escape from the middle class of the NBA. Tanking became a form of art, exemplified by the 76ers' "multiyear" demolition process and the Bulls decision to discard last season from Robin Lopez, Justin Holiday and Jerian Grant. (Yes, they actually had worse / younger players.)

All that pushed for the largest number of ping-pong balls led the league to change the draft lottery for the first time in 25 years.

300 by Teddy Greenstein. MOVED


^ The Knicks buy Enes Kanter, Wes Matthews following the trade deadline <

^ BKN-KNICKS-KANTER-MATTHEWS-1ST-LEDE: ND- <When the trade deadline passed on Thursday afternoon, the Knicks have not pulled out any last minute offer, the content has left that amazing deal with Kristaps Porzingis had passed a week before. as the next step in their reconstruction.

The Knicks' immediate moves will now be to negotiate buyouts for players who have not been able to find a trading partner to relocate. They started this process about two hours after the deadline when they officially renounced Enes Kanter and Wes Matthews.

300 by Steve Popper in New York. MOVED

^ Dieter Kurtenbach: Kevin Durant may have found his voice, but he is not a victim <

BKN-KURTENBACH-COLUMN: SJ – The ninth day, he spoke.

And what was a bizarre situation, a bit funny and impossible, has become decidedly controversial.

What happens after Kevin Durant is still to be guessed. After all, no one could have imagined that this situation would turn into the spectacle it has become.

If it was not before, now it's certainly something.

Durant made sure of that Wednesday night.

1150 by Dieter Kurtenbach in Oakland, California. MOVED

^ David Murphy: Markelle Fultz had no value, and the Sixers did not care if he said it all

^ BKN-MURPHY-COLUMN: PHI- <The German currency in 1923.

Florida real estate before the advent of air conditioning.

A ticket for the next Fyre Festival.

All of these things were worth more than Markelle Fultz at the NBA commercial expiration of this year. But this should not be a great glow to anyone who has followed the recent machinations of the Sixers and their first absolute choice number one.

900 by David Murphy. MOVED


^ John Paxson doubles the Bulls' commitment to Jim Boylen who trains next season: "He's doing the right things" <

BKN-BULLS-PAXSON-BOYLEN: TB – When the Bulls replaced Fred Hoiberg with Jim Boylen as head coach on December 3, John Paxson said he did not "interim" in Boylen's title, he said the Bulls planned for him to train next season and later he increased his pay to recognize his added tasks.

On Thursday, Paxson, executive vice president, doubled this commitment, answering "absolutely" when asked if the bulls expected Boylen to become their coach next season.

650 of K.C. Johnson in Chicago. MOVED


^ Clippers use the trade deadline to continue the youth movement, increase financial flexibility <

^ BKN-CLIPPERS: LA- <Less than 48 hours after shaking the NBA with a late-night operation, the Los Angeles Clippers made a series of moves until Thursday's trade deadline that, according to the team, leave their younger and more flexible roster both at the end of this season and in view of a critical offseason.

The Clippers have approached the deadline emphasizing the importance of pursuing moves that would help position the franchise as a long-term competitor for the championships.

They have emerged with the addition of young players seen as potentially important pieces for that future, while also removing the salary from the books for next season.

700 by Andrew Greif in Indianapolis. MOVED


^ Phil Rosenthal: The bulls have become a team that only an accountant could love <

BKN-ROSENTHAL-COLUMN: TB – A couple of Chicago contracts were traded on Wednesday for one that will cost $ 55.7 million over the next two years, with a package of futures thrown in.

The raw materials involved were NBA players, not soy, corn or livestock.

The Bulls sent Bobby Portis and Jabari Parker – an upcoming free agent with a $ 7.4 million cap hold and the other tied to a $ 20 million deal that the team does not have to collect – in addition to a second choice draft for the Wizards for Otto Porter Jr.

While some of the trade analyzes concerned the impact of the players – both at this point and in advance in the future – many conversations concerned the effect of the operation on the respective salary ceilings of the Bulls and Wizards.

750 by Phil Rosenthal in Chicago. MOVED


^ Analyzing the major agreements on the NBA trade deadlines and where the teams go from here <

^ BKN-TRADEDEADLINE-DEALS: NY- <Here is a look at the moves made before the NBA Thursday trade deadline, and where the teams involved go from here.

650 by Stefan Bondy. MOVED

^ Dwyane Wade, LeBron James teammates back in the All-Star Game <

BKN-ALLSTARGAME-WADE-JAMES: FL – Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are again teammates – at least for one night.

As expected, James, in drafting his team for the NBA All-Star Game on February 17th, chose his former team-mate Miami Heat on Thursday for his roster of 13 players.

After James and captain All-Star Giannis Antetokounmpo clashed among the other eight Starter All-Star in the first round and the 14 All-Star reserves in the second round of the television trial, James then had the first choice in the third round of the two players added by Commissioner Adam Silver in honor of closing their careers.

500 by Ira Winderman in Sacramento. MOVED


^ Otto Porter Jr.'s trade gives Bulls an edge over their offseason plan

BKN-BULLS-PORTER: TB – The Bulls have not made any further moves on Thursday, as the NBA trade deadline has expired.

But the acquisition of Otto Porter Jr. of Wizards by Wednesday in exchange for Bobby Portis, Jabari Parker and a choice of 2023 in the second round began their free agency 2019 five months in advance.

What it says about a franchise in the country's third largest market depends on how you see the reconstruction undertaken by Jimmy Butler's June trade.

1000 of K.C. Johnson in Chicago. MOVED


^ Dylan Hernandez: For LeBron James and The Lakers, attracting talents not the concert they thought would be <

^ BKN-HERNANDEZ-COLUMN: LA- <His body has already disappointed him. Now, the extent of the influence of LeBron James has proven limited.

The commercial expiration of the NBA went on Thursday afternoon with Anthony Davis still on the New Orleans Pelicans and the entire LeBron-in-L.A. the project suddenly seems as if it could follow the path of the infamous experiment Dwight Howard and Steve Nash.

850 by Dylan Hernandez in Los Angeles. MOVED


^ Terrence Ross lights it up like Magic down Timberwolves, 122-112 <

^ BKN-TWOLVES-MAGIC: OS- <Orlando Magic did a trade off the field, then he smashed us.

Fortunately, Terrence Ross was not a starting player in the transaction.

Ross scored six points with 3 points to get a maximum of 32 points to bring the Magic to a 122-112 victory against Minnesota Timberwolves on Thursday night at the Amway Center.

Nikola Vucevic closed with 21 points and 10 rebounds, while Aaron Gordon scored 19 points and Evan Fournier had 18 for the Magic (23-32).

250 by Roy Parry in Orlando, Florida. MOVED


^ NBA All-Star NBA game: LeBron selects Kevin Durant first, Giannis takes Stephen Curry <

^ BKN-ALLSTARGAME-DRAFT: LA- <Los Angeles Lakers All-Star and team captain LeBron James had the first choice of the All-Star NBA draft and preceded Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors.

When it was time to select the reserves, he did not lose his chance to bring forward Anthony Davis, whom the Lakers tried to acquire when the NBA exchanges ended with an offer of six players and two choices in the first round .

450 by Broderick Turner. MOVED


^ The Clippers were the team that sent the term NBA trading domino <

^ BKN-TRADES-ANALYSIS: LA- <Who would have guessed that the Eastern Conference would have been dictated by actions taken in a room across the country? Who would have thought that a team directed to the playoffs would move one of its best players into a bet on the future? Who would have thought that the team would be able to free space and improve talent while the clock ticked?

And who would have thought that the team that was doing all this would be the Los Angeles Clippers?

950 by Dan Woike in Boston. MOVED


Thursday games

TNS expects coverage from the following games:

LA Clippers all 'Indiana, 7 p.m. East

LA Lakers in Boston, 8 p.m.

^ NHL <

^ Being a strange man a huge adjustment for Ryan Callahan <

HKN-LIGHTNING-CALLAHAN: PT – The difference between Mathieu Joseph, Adam Erne and Ryan Callahan was so subtle for most of the season that the Lightning coaches made them turn on the fourth line.

Jon Cooper says coaches "want our players to have a positive impact on the game". All three do it, and Danick Martel, who has been a constant scratch, is capable.

Coming out of the All-Star break, however, Cooper decided to follow a consistent line of attackers rather than continue to rotate the three on a line with Cedric Paquette.

700 of Diana C. Nearhos in Tampa, Florida


^ NBC's Mike Tug will finally call an NHL game when the Blackhawks visit Red Wings. What took so long? <

^ HKN-NBC-TIRICO: TB- <The ever-versatile Mike Tirico will call his first NHL game when the Blackhawks visit the Red Wings for NBCSN's "Wednesday Night Hockey" on February 20th.

The obvious question is why it has not happened before?

Tirico announced the NFL and NBA games. He made the play-by-play on soccer and NCAA basketball. He called the PGA tour, LPGA tour, lacrosse and more.

So obviously it was time.

250 of Phil Rosenthal. MOVED


^ Revitalized Cam Ward could end up bringing the Blackhawks to the postseason <

HKN-BLACKHAWKS-WARD: TB – Blackhawks goalkeeper Cam Ward was facedown on the massage table, with squared shoulders and a firm torso.

From the waist up, Ward, with his arms by his side, was the image of calm.

From the waist down, hell was unleashing.

Paul Goodman, trainer and trainer of the hawks, has stopped on Ward, working it like a pretzel – moving his ankles, legs and hips 34 years in one direction and another to help him play for 60 minutes, or perhaps more, than an NHL game

650 by Jimmy Greenfield in Chicago. MOVED


^ The Kings descend the winning series of eight Flyers games in a bizarre shootout <

HKN-KINGS-FLYERS: PHI – Well, they would not have won every game, right?

Although he received 37 parades of Anthony Stolarz and despite having scored a goal in the regulation by Jake Voracek, the eight-game winning streak of the Flyers ended on Thursday with a 3-2 decision against Los Angeles at the Wells Fargo Center.

Tyler Toffoli won him in the sixth round of the shooting.

After the third round, the flyers were loaded on the ice, thinking they had won after the shot of Adrian Kempe hit the crossbar.

600 by Sam Carchidi in Philadelphia. MOVED


^ Thomas Greiss makes 30 rescues as Islanders top Devils in shootout <

HKN-ISLANDERS-DEVILS: ND – The prevailing narrative of this Islanders' season has been their marked defensive improvement, from ports onwards.

Lately, the corollary of this has been their struggle to score goals.

The islanders leading the subway division scored for the third time in four games, although coach Barry Trotz modified his lines in a 2-1 win, four rounds against the Devils, who got a turn-back-the-clock performance. by Cory Schneider in trouble on Thursday night at the Prudential Center.

600 by Andrew Gross in Newark, N.J. MOVED

^ The Azzurri beat Lightning in overtime, 1-0 <

HKN-BLUES-LIGHTNING: SL – Brayden Schenn scored with less than a minute to go into overtime while the St. Louis Blues won its fourth consecutive high-row season, eliminating the record and the highest score of the NHL, the Tampa Bay Lampo, 1-0, at the Amalie Arena on Thursday.

Schenn chased a long pass from Colton Parayko to the end of Tampa, and with a Lightning approaching, he fired at Tampa Bay goalkeeper Andrei Vasilevskiy, who slowed the record but could not stop him and passed through him and inside.

400 by Jim Thomas in Tampa, Florida


^ Joel Eriksson Ek scores but Wild's losing streak grows with losses for Oilers <

HKN-OILERS-WILD: MS – The disk bounces around the fold of the Oilers as if it had been thrown into a pinball machine.

But the only place that rarely went was inside the network.

Despite the 65-shot attempt, the savage has just crept behind Edmonton's goalkeeper Cam Talbot – a fight that ended with a 4-1 loss Thursday at Xcel Energy Center that nullified the six-game crash of the game. Oilers while he prolonged the winless skid of Wild to four.

The center Joel Eriksson Ek, in charge of helping alleviate the loss of captain Mikko Koivu after Koivu snatched the anterior cruciate ligament and the right knee meniscus at the start of the week, was the only one to convert.

600 by Sarah McLellan in St. Paul, Minn. MOVED


^ Red Wings brings Dylan Larkin back, but the winning streak ends at 3 with the loss of Golden Knights <

HKN-KNIGHTS-REDWINGS: DE – The Detroit Red Wings has pulled twice in a goal, pushing to finish the game as they started it.

They failed, however, against the Las Vegas gold riders placed in the playoffs on Thursday at the Little Caesars Arena, with their three-game winning streak that ended in a 4-3 defeat.

450 of Helene St. James in Detroit. MOVED

Thursday games

TNS expects coverage from the following games:

Dallas in Nashville, 8 pm

Vancouver to Chicago, 8:30 pm

San Jose to Calgary, 9 p.m.


^ Mac Engel: Stoops insists he has not been forced out of Oklahoma; now lends a short legitimacy to XFL <

^ FBC-ENGEL-COLUMN: FT- <Sparring with Bob Stoops is fun, especially because it's a game and has some sperm.

And since the former head coach of the Oklahoma University suddenly left the Sooners in June 2017, the popular theory is that he was forced to abandon administrators and influential people who did not want to lose Lincoln Riley, among the other priorities.

Shortly after Stoops was introduced as head coach / GM of the new XFL franchise at a Thursday press conference in Arlington, I asked him just that.

850 by Mac Engel. MOVED


^ Maryland player was taken to Shock Trauma as a precaution after getting sick during team training <

^ FBC-MARYLAND-BOONE: BZ- <Un calciatore del Maryland che si è ammalato durante un allenamento di gruppo martedì pomeriggio a College Park è stato trasportato al Maryland Trauma Center di Baltimora, dove è stato tenuto in osservazione per la notte prima di essere rilasciato Mercoledì, multiplo fonti con la conoscenza della situazione ha detto al Baltimore Sun.

Raymond Boone, una difesa difensiva di Greenbelt, Maryland, ha fatto riferimento mercoledì sul suo account Twitter (@ -SavageRay) che "I get to go home today" con un emoji delle mani di preghiera.

500 di Don Markus. MOSSO



^ Mark Story: Nelle prossime settimane, Kentucky e Tennessee potrebbero duellare per oltre il titolo SEC <

BKC-STORY-COLUMN: LX – In quella che sarà l&#39;ultima stagione del basket universitario in una Rupp Arena che ospita oltre 23.000, gli antichi rivali di confine Tennessee e Kentucky potrebbero passare l&#39;ultimo mese del duello regolare della stagione maschile per il campionato SEC e , possibilmente, una ricompensa ancora più grande.

Se ti piacciono gli sport con simmetria storica, una battaglia tra il numero 1 UT (21-1, 9-0 SEC) e il numero 5 UK (19-3, 8-1 SEC) per la superiorità della lega è il modo perfetto per Rupp Arena come l&#39;abbiamo conosciuto per uscire prima della ristrutturazione ridimensiona il locale a circa 20.500 posti la prossima stagione.

800 di Mark Story a Lexington, Ky. MOVED



^ No. 25 Miami stordisce n. 4 Notre Dame, 72-65 <

BKW-NOTREDAME-MIAMI: MI – Non capita tutti i giorni che il campione nazionale in difesa arrivi in ​​città, quindi c&#39;era un palpabile ronzio per la partita di giovedì sera tra la 25a classificata squadra di basket femminile dell&#39;Università di Miami e la quarta classificata Notre Dame.

Una linea formata nella finestra del biglietto del Watsco Center, e la sezione studentesca più grande e vivace della stagione si è dimostrata in grado di rallegrare gli Hurricanes, che hanno alimentato l&#39;energia per tirare un 72-65 sconvolto.

650 di Michelle Kaufman a Coral Gables, in Florida


^ WNBA <

^ Geno Auriemma su Maya Moore: "Non so che abbiamo sentito l&#39;ultima di lei" <

^ BKL-LYNX-MOORE-AURIEMMA: HC- <Solo nove mesi fa, Nike ha ricreato l&#39;iconico poster di Michael Jordan "Wings" del 1985 con un quattro volte campione e cinque volte All-Star.

La star del Minnesota Lynx e la leggenda di UConn, Maya Moore, erano in piedi con le braccia tese, con una mano che stringeva un pallone da basket e fissavano i passanti a Minneapolis. Il cartellone è stato svelato lo stesso giorno del video dei momenti salienti della carriera di Moore, con la famosa posa e finendo con l&#39;appoggio di Jordan.

800 di Kelli Stacy. MOSSO



^ NBC Sports si appoggia alla copertura NASCAR con il trasferimento a Charlotte, Dale Jr., nuova formazione <

CAR-NASCAR-TV: CH – NBC Sports, uno dei due principali partner di trasmissione della NASCAR, ha trasferito la sua programmazione televisiva NASCAR a Charlotte, l&#39;Observer ha imparato. In concomitanza con il trasferimento del suo centro di tiro da Stamford, Conn., A Charlotte, NBC Sports rileggerà anche l&#39;intera programmazione settimanale NASCAR America.

Il programma re-branded, che il produttore esecutivo e presidente della produzione Sam Flood ha definito una "prossima generazione" per gli show NASCAR di grande successo della rete, presenterà uno spettacolo diverso ogni giorno della settimana, a partire dall&#39;11 febbraio. Ogni spettacolo sarà prodotto dagli studi di Charlotte NBC Sports, che sono stati rinnovati e ampliati alla fine del 2018.

650 di Brendan Marks a Charlotte, N.C. MOVED



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