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Bayern: Old champions have become moment players – sports

The Bavarians are at the end of a big cycle – the players have to manage with power and concentration. And yet, the title is now available again.

Comment by Christof Kneer

Niko Kovac said after the game something that should never be said as a coach. Kovac is not suspected of naivety, maybe he simply knew that nothing could happen to him that evening, because he had just won the coaching duel against Jürgen Klopp after the fast criteria of this sport. Or did the coach want to send a small message to his players with these sentences?

Anyway, Kovac said for example: "In the Bundesliga, one or the other times saves the gear to help his teammate." And if you can see from the outside how players did not stick to their specifications, says Kovac, then you are "sometimes helpless" as a coach.

Champions League respect for Robert

Problems with Liverpool

Respect for Robert

Why did Liverpool have such problems against Bayern? Coach Jürgen Klopp sacrificed the success concept of his team because he feared Munich striker Robert Lewandowski.By Sven Haist

As I said, Kovac was under the protection of this evening, but usually such an unusual admission on the boulevard would inevitably trigger this reflex: Alarm! Coach no longer reaches team! Or, casually turned the other way: No attitude! Coach goes on team!

It does not matter to the team whether they play in Nuremberg or Liverpool

In the end, however, Kovac had only put into words what everyone could see anyway: that his team makes differences. It does not matter to the team whether they play in Nuremberg or Liverpool, whether the opposing striker is Adam Zrelak or Mo Salah. Even the players themselves have remarkably often stressed that this evening "all together" had defended, some have repeated the word "all" extra again.

Conversely, this does not mean that Kovac has a characterless bunch that it does not care if the fans have to endure a 3: 3 against Dusseldorf. The different aggregate conditions of the players are rather a proof that this is an elf, which must now be with their forces and their concentration household. The Bavarians are at the end of a big cycle, from powerhouse protagonists like Ribéry, Robben, Boateng, Hummels or Lewandowski have become momentary players who un-or subconsciously no longer crave every Nuremberg kick with full body tension.

From this point of view, the two zero zeros this week are not good news for the competition. Bayern's partial success in Liverpool and especially the partial loss of BVB in Nuremberg could bring Bayern's old champions to an interesting idea: that it might be worthwhile even in the Bundesliga once again to join forces to bring this title, the last only routine was.

Champions League Like a cold on the wedding day

Like a cold on the wedding day

Exactly one Bayern professional would not have been able to see a yellow against Liverpool – but now full-back Joshua Kimmich is missing in the second leg. The lock is likely to hurt the people of Munich.By Martin Schneider


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