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Bayern: James Rodriguez shines – sports

  • With three goals against Mainz James Rodríguez indicates his high value for Bayern.
  • In the summer, the Munich could buy the previously lent Colombians from Real Madrid.
  • "In the end, the coach has to tell us what he wants," says Bayern President Uli Hoeneß.

From the stadium of Matthias Schmid

James Rodríguez wore a bag bearing the Champions League logo as he headed home on Sunday night. It would have been only too glad to know what went on after Bayern are no longer part of this most important European club competition after their 3-1 loss to Liverpool. James was in any case highly fortunate after the 6-0 defeat of FSV Mainz 05, he had been allowed to end his evening on Sunday evening twenty minutes earlier, because with three goals he had a decisive share in the effortless victory, with which the Bayern their goal difference in comparison the punctual Dortmundern again improved.

As the Colombian trotted off the field, the entire stadium had risen and applauded admiringly while standing, James enjoyed the ovation and, as a child on his birthday, spiked another pirouette, before clapping Rafinha, who came in for him. James has already made some good games for Bayern, but he has never been so smooth and present before, not only because of his three goals. "I feel very well here," the interpreter translated for him, after he had given the answer in Spanish.

But the question he did not answer again, but which everyone asks himself, is: Does James stay, or will he not stay? Does he return to Real Madrid, where he still has valid working papers until 2021? Or does he continue to play in Munich? Bayern would have to transfer 42 million euros in the summer to Madrid. There have been some recent developments, most notably Zinédine Zidane is again coach at Real. Zidane was once the reason why the Colombian ever came to Bayern on loan for two years because the Frenchman avoided him. James longed for his old sponsor Carlo Ancelotti, who was still a coach in Munich and who let him play as a real coach in contrast to Zidane.

Would not it be clear then? "No, no," James replied, saying nothing was decided. After the season, he wants to sit down and worry about his future. "Now there are important games left," he just confirmed.

"On the whole, this is a great footballer," praised Uli Hoeneß James after the game, "he played very well." Whether James carries over the season beyond the Bayern jersey, about the club president did not speculate. "In the end, the coach has to tell us what he wants."

Niko Kovac, however, held back when it came to classifying the performance of James. "I'm happy for him that he scored three goals," said the Bayern coach after the Sky. He does that well. He did not want to say more. Kovac did not want to answer the question of whether he would like to keep him in the squad or not. The relationship between the two was considered difficult for a long time. But maybe Kovac is just superstitious and does not just want to praise James exuberantly, at least that's what he said when he said, "I do not want a voltage drop."

"He's such an amazing guy," Niklas Süle says of James

At any rate, Niklas Süle wishes that James remains his teammate. "He is an amazing guy and his left foot is unique". His amazing repertoire had revealed to James on Sunday against Mainz, he challenged the balls and processed them with nobility of a head waiter in the Grand Hotel. After his first goal was still a dry shot, the others were already of much more complex design. The second goal to 4: 0, he ran like Arjen Robben across the box, the ball close to the foot like a sixth toe, he ran, faked a shot, ran on and finally chewed him into the far corner. A superb goal.

James did not want to push himself into the foreground afterwards. "The three goals were minor," he said modestly. "Above all, it was a positive team performance." And his relationship with Niko Kovac, which he described not so long ago as "professional"? Very human. "We can win titles with him," he said. Then James Rodríguez strolled light-footed away, holding the Champions League bag in hand.

Bundesliga Hoeneß amazes with mildness

Hoeness astonishes with mildness

In the 6-0 against Mainz, the Munich leave the Liverpool disappointment behind and send signals to Dortmund. The President provides surprising statements on the overall situation in Munich.From the stadium of Matthias Schmid


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