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Bardot Foundation delegate resigns after former actress racist remarks

Brigitte Bardot, ex-legend of the cinema and militant of the animal cause, denounced with virulence the mistreatment of the animals on Reunion Island. And it did not please at all. – Solal

He slams the door after twenty-five years of good and loyal service. The Reunion Didier Derand, delegate to the Bardot Foundation, presented this Tuesday his resignation after the remarks made by
Brigitte Bardot in an open letter to the prefect, in which the former actress had described the Reunionese "degenerate population", evoking "barbaric traditions" and a "demonic island".

"The natives have kept their genes of savages," she wrote, accusing the Reunionese of "barbarism" as to the fate according to her for dogs and cats, or evoking the "Indian festivals Tamils ​​with beheadings of bees and goats offering at their Gods ", before speaking of" reminiscences of cannibalism of past centuries ".

Brigitte Bardot's comments are "unacceptable"

Fervent defender of animals, Didier Derand was struck to the heart by the remarks of Brigitte Bardot on the inhabitants of his island. After these polemical utterances of the former actress, today more known for her verbal road exits than for her filmography, Didier Derand no longer wanted to officiate under the leadership of the pasionaria of the animal cause. If he recognizes problems related to the animal cause on his island, however, he finds Brigitte Bardot's remarks "unacceptable".

"Without ever having come to our home, you are attacking the Reunion people in a global way," he said. You totally ignore our traditions of tolerance and living together in an island of cross-cultural and multicultural! Do you not realize that such outrages undermine the basic work of all those within the Foundation who are trying to improve the animal condition? ! "

The "tragic fate" of animals on the island

Brigitte Bardot apologized Sunday after her offensive remarks against the Reunionese, yet again justifying her anger against what she considers to be the "tragic fate" of animals on the island. "My only fault is to have blasted the entire population by injuring those who do not hurt the animals. I ask them to forgive me, "she wrote in a statement.

But for the Didier Derand from Reunion, who is fighting for the protection of the sharks on his island, the damage is done.

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