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Assisted contracts promote professional integration

"Not useful" the contracts helped, to use the expression of the prime minister Edouard Philippe in 2017? A study of the Dares precisely denies this statement. And ironically, it is based precisely on the year 2017 demonstrating "a sharp increase in the rate of return to employment" that year.

"After a contract helped, the number of people who find a sustainable contract is 25%. 75% after have nothing "assured Edouard Philippe boldly. False, they answer the figures of the Department of Studies and Statistics of the Ministry of Labor. On the contrary, 72% of people who have completed a single contract for integration into the commercial sector (CUI-CIE) report being in employment six months later, for 49% of people who have made this same contract in the non-profit sector (CUI). -CAE), that is to say, working in schools, associations, works councils … This is also the case for 67% of people coming out of a future job market and 58 % of those from a non-market job. Better, in a context of strong job creation, go through a contract helped to increase by 5 point the employment rate compared to 2016, market and non-market sector combined. And this progress also affects sustainable employment. 61% of people formerly under CUI-CIE contract and 36% of former CUI-CAE are concerned.

259,000 subsidized contracts disappeared between 2017 and 2018

Nearly 80% of people who have benefited from a subsidized contract say they have developed or acquired skills, and nearly 75% believe that this type of contract "made them feel useful". The occupation exercised influences the return to employment. The "support" domain of a company (accounting, management, secretariat) favors it. On the other hand, it is more difficult to transform a CUI into sustainable employment, when working in the hotel or restaurant industry.

"In total, 459,000 in 2017, the subsidized contracts were reduced to only 200,000 in 2018", noted the 12 March in Humanity, MPP PCF Seine-Saint-Denis. Marie-George Buffet demanded the establishment of real associative skilled jobs, in parallel with integration schemes. And despite the figures of the Dares, a department dependent on the Ministry of Labor, his minister officially announced the end of contracts aided, January 16 in Le Parisien. For a smooth fall, Muriel Pénicaud explained replacing them with a new type of employment contract: the Parcours Emploi Compétence (PEC), with much less state support. What to reduce more gradually their number before the extinction, at the expense of the professional insertion. In order to save public expenditures again and again, it is still a functioning system that is being eliminated.


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