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Artificial Intelligence and Art – Algorithm and Blues – Culture

For the first time, an artificial intelligence receives a record deal. So far, she can set starry skies, among other things. Or the weather.

Endel is a musician as record companies might wish: he does not smoke and drink, he delivers new albums on the chord, and you do not have to worry about him starting to tweet sexist slogans at some point. Endel is an artificial intelligence that automatically generates music.

His stage is an app. She has developed a Berlin start-up. She plays music to help people concentrate, calm or sleep. Namely, human bodies respond to certain types of music and sounds in a predictable manner. For example, studies conclude that five-tone music has a particularly stress-relieving effect; This can be measured by the release of hormones and other factors. Endel combines these findings with the user's current state of health, which is determined by the heartbeat as well as external factors such as time of day or weather. The result is music that fits the specific situation and literally gets under your skin. It never sounds exactly the same twice because the data it processes is constantly changing.

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Record label Warner, which also has Madonna or Ed Sheeran under contract, recently decided to record some albums with Endel. For this, the developers had to feed the algorithms with arbitrary values ​​for time of day, weather and other factors. These sound like the song titles: "One Starry Skies", music for the starry sky, or "Three Graystreaked", a variation in gray.

Five of the 20 planned albums are already published. According to the company, these are "sleep-promoting soundscapes". They sound as if they were composed for planetariums: bright bells, purifying wind and infinite vastness. The upcoming 15 albums should have the topics "concentration", "relaxation" and "on-the-go".

Warner leads Endel's compositions in the "Arts Division", ie the art section, in which, for example, classical music also has its place. Their leader, Kevin Gore, praised the "unique listening experiences" that he hopes to introduce to a wider audience. There is already a market for it. Videos of relaxing music that make people run while they work or go to sleep often get millions of clicks on Youtube. Endel will not get in the way of human music stars. His soundscapes are humbly in the background.

For its makers, the deal with Warner is a nice honor. However, music is just the beginning, says CEO Oleg Stavitsky. At some point, they also want to be able to adapt the temperature and light in houses to the mood of their inhabitants. Of course, they have to measure and analyze them. Endel is already doing that by accessing the data of fitness trackers, if the user allows it. So she can tune the music rhythm to his heart rate. Endel may not be an artist. But he knows which buttons to press.

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